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Hepl with closing a show

Feb 20, 2006
I'm trying to close a show and I'm having a problem. The host had a party in March and then booked off of that show for a party in May well now I'm trying to close this show and she would lkie to order two of the cups and squares. I have put one on her Host order but where do I put the other one. Also she would like to order the bar board and knife where do I put that under host order or guest order??? Thank you to all the reply!!!!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
She can order the bar board and knife under the host order. To get the second set of cups and squares you will have to enter her as a guest.


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Mar 12, 2006
Put everything on the host's order except the second set of cups and squares.

For the cups and squares you need to click add a guest > find contacts > then highlight the host's name and click okay > then you should be able to add the second set of cups and squares to that order. She does not get any extra discount on it - she doesn't as the host, either - and she does have to pay shipping.


I am not sure about the second set of cups. I think you can put her down as a guest as well?? Someone correct me if I am wrong. Then she will be able to order the second set as booking benefit as the past hostess.

As for the bar board and knife. Just put it under her host order.


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Feb 17, 2006
You put the host as a guest to get the 2nd set...she booked off of her own show so, one set goes under the host order and the second goes under a guest order under her name for that show.


Only one set can be ordered as a hostess. However as she booked off a previoius show she can order a second set as the past hostess. In this case they just happen to be the same person. she just needs to pay s&h on the second set because it has to be a guest order as the past host.


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Apr 13, 2004
Make sure of one thing

Make sure you have her most current Past Host Discount number, the one from her March show.
If that is not on her contact info, the order will not go through either.