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Help with Veggies!!


Aug 9, 2005
I wanted to start on some recipies this weekend to break in my new kit. I was making my shopping list when I realized..

I realized tho that I know NOTHING about buying veggies and how long they keep! I never really buy veggies other than baby carrots and a tomoatoe now and then.
I try and look like I know what I'm doing... I squeeze and smell and thump... but I have no idea what I'm really what i'm smelling, squeezing, thumping for!

Does anyone have any veggie helpfful tips??!! my mother isn't the grocery shopper in the family so she wasn't helpful at all!!



Veteran Member
May 20, 2005
That will be great for my booth at the women's night out thing the hospital is hosting next month, they are talking about in the newspaper about how they are going to have lots of info on healthy choices and such, and I was trying to figure out something good to put on a flier to pass out with my info on it, maybe a recipe out of the it's good for you cookbook also. Thanks a million! :D