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Help with my 1st Fundraiser


Oct 16, 2005
I was wondering how you guys do fundraisers? Do you do it like a regular cooking show and prepare a recipe in front of everyone? I have one booked for Girl Guides
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Mar 2, 2006
What I did, was send a letter home with every student, asking parents if they wanted to participate stating that I was giving away 2 $25 gift certificates to the place of their choice (one for the highest product sales, and one for the highest in cookware sales-- pan-o-rama!). I put on there, a form that they filled out, stating how many catalogs and order forms they wanted to start out with (stating they could always ask for more) then I would send home those packets, with instructions on how to figure sales, specials, website orders, etc.. I didn't do a demo, it was more like a catalog show but it was a great success (in my opinon) over $2800!!! So it turned out great.. That was with only 12 of the 25 packets getting orders.. plus I got a set of cookware sold.. :)

Good luck with yours, and hope that I helped a little bit.