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Help with Mega show

Jul 17, 2005
any ideas on how to have a mega show? when two or more consultant get together and do 1 show?


Sep 5, 2005
I haven't done a multi-consultant event yet but here's what I might do.

Decide on theme - open house, multi-vendor, mystery host show, etc., food demo, display only, cash & carry, seasonal decor, what market to aim for?

Location/venue - someone's house, local halls - try churches, service group halls (ie elks, kinsmen, etc.), hotel banquet rooms, community centres. Here is where you should check on rates, size of space - sitting or standing, also if there are any restrictions, kitchen facilites, parking, etc., also do you need to bring your own tables, chairs, tablecloths, coffee pot, cups, etc.?

Advertising - word of mouth, invitations, e-mails, flyers, local newspaper advert, past hosts/customers in area, how far away to invite?

Budget - costs of event, split everything; one pays for venue, another pays for food, that kind of thing, admission fee?

Selling - consultants share revenue, co-host, under one consultant with agreement to split?

note: with any money dealings is probably best to make an agreement in writing in advance to C.Y.A.

Bookings - split bookings, keep bookings that each one gets?

Do a timeline for all things to get done by. You do not want to be running around trying to get a certain item on the day of the event. Pre-plan everything!
Make lists of all things you need and who will be getting them.
Make a schedule for the event - from set up, to the event, to the clean up.

Also list all closing details - who will post the event to PC, who will do the book-keeping, keep the files, do the customer care calls, out-of-the-box calls, where will products be delivered - who will call customers for pickup, who will do the booking calls, recruiting calls, handle problems.

Sorry to be rambling on but there is a lot to do and you want to look as professional as possible and get repeat customers, bookings, and recruits.
Feb 16, 2005
This is what I do

for a mega show. You can either work with another consultant or do it along (although you will need help the night of to make things go smoothly). I have partnered with a consultant close to me because our styles are completely different but really compliment each other. We have found that our average sale is up as well as bookings since we have taken on the buddy system. I do I customer appreciation in the November, a Product launch for the spring catalogue in Feb/March, and try to do a mega show in May, should probably do one in Sept, too, but I have enough on my plate.

1. 5-6 hosts who for whatever reasons were not able to host a show right away, aren't sure if they can get 40 people there... in their own home etc. (depending on the space you are using) If you can't get space for free, don't spend more than $50. You are responsible for providing the ingredients for the recipe.

2. Each host commits to filling her "table" of 8 guests (nine including herself). She gets a gift if she brings all 8 guests or more (or 8 or more outside orders). This is something from my "goody" closet - all the freebies/discounted stuff the company gives us. She also gets a gift if she gets bookings before the show.

3. Each host is required to bring, some juice, water, chips, or nibblies... I provide the coffee & tea. Usually, my hosts offer to do a veggie or fruit platter for me, great! less work for me & they feel more ownership of the night. My recipe is only to look at, sometimes my hosts make extra so that everyone can have a sample.

4. Every table has an envelope with catalogues, wish lists, order forms, calculator, info on the business etc. Hosts are pre-instructed in how to fill out forms, so you don't have a long tally time. Credit cards are strongly encouraged.

5. DO your show - short & sweet, get lots of audience feedback & interaction. I have lots of giveaways (door prizes) from my goody closet. Extra tickets for the first 3 people to tell my what they love about PC, why they would love to be a host, why they could see PC as a job! Sell COLLECTIONS (listen to the CD available through the company). You reach a larger audience this way.

6. So lets do the math now - 5 hosts, with 8 guests there + average 6 outside orders so 5 shows minimum $750 each - most hosts aim for the kilo mark. I am still host coaching the hosts the same 3 step way. But instead of being out 5 nights, I am done in 1! It is a win win for all. Great potential for a hard working consultant.

If you haven't done anything like this before, I strongly recommend buddying up with someone. It takes the stress off you. Each of you are only working with 3 hosts at a time then... It requires lots of follow up because you aren't able to help everyone at tally time, but it is a great "excuse" to pick up the phone and do some top notch customer care.

Good luck & Let me know how it goes.