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Help with customer

Mar 2, 2006
Ok, my sister in law just called me, and she has a friend who will be attending our party at the end of April. In January this lady was invited to a show but didn't go, she placed a order. She gave the host a check for her to feel out :eek: (I know). So they call me, and say, the lady quit her job (they were co-workers), never gave her a total (or products) can't get a hold of the person. She is totally MIA. She of course didn't know the consultant's name, but I did a host look up, and came back with nothing.. She knows that as of last week, the check hasn't came through her bank. I told her that I would cancel the check immediately. I am waiting on getting a call from home office, but without the consultant's name, i dont know what they could do, if the host isn't in the "system". Is there anything else I can do for this lady? She is going to come to my show, and will probably order those items (hopefully) but I am trying my best to help her.. I think I have done all that I can, but thought I'd check with you gals and guys :)


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Nov 4, 2005
Tell her to call her bank and stop payment on the check. It would be a really good idea if she does that about three months ago.

Something about this doesn't pass the smell test. I'm not quite ready to jump off a bridge and say it's fraud, since the check never cleared and if there's been no other activity on her account, it wasn't identity theft. But who knows? Maybe the consultant died or something.

But get her to stop payment on the check. 90 days is too long to have waited for anything to happen.
Mar 2, 2006
Thank you. Yes that was one of the first questions that I ask, if she had done that. So when I called my sis in law back, and told her that I couldn't find anything on that host, and that P.C. didn't have anything.. Then hopefully she will do that.. It was like a $60 order. So maybe she will re-order all of that and then some :) at my show.. oh well, at least I tried to help her. I am just surprised that she had waited this long too.. Thank you for your reply