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Help with Children's Recipes


Mar 27, 2005
Hello Ladies (and gentlemen) - I need help! My mouth ran away with me the other night, and I need some suggestions to help me pull off the show I am going to do in November. I am fine with Cooking with Kids shows, have done one and have gained some great tips so have ideas for my next one. But the show I have offered this time is Cooking for Kids. This will be an evening event for mums (no children present). Obviously we want to get our children eating healthier, but make food fun. Have you any ideas what recipes I could offer that would appeal to the Mum's for them to cook for their children.
I know you won't let me down.

Yvonne :D


May 25, 2005
Cooking for kids

I would start with a tip for people with kids that are young. Start them oout right. Make eating veggies fun. When my kids were little-3 &4 i encouraged them to play with their food! we would take a little bowl of dressing and put it in the middle of the table and tell the kids it was the lake. Then we would take lightly steamed, almost raw veggies and pretend we were big giant monsters. We would grab trees (broccoli) up by their roots and dip them in the lake and eat them. We would grab the people (green beans) and devour them. Sliced carrots were animals, and cauliflower were plants. My kids still love to eat veggies. And no they don't still play with their food, but until 6 & 7 broccoli was still called trees.

It is harder for kids that already are older. My advice would be pizza with veggies chopped really small with lots of cheese on top to hide them. Maybe use the creative cutters to cut veggies and cheese into fun shapes. Hide veggies in your spaghetti sauce. ( I always do that when my kids have a friend over for dinner and it always seems to work.)

Hope these suggestions help a little.
Sep 20, 2005
to go with the veggies, you can slice them with the crinckle cutter to not only make them look pretty, but to hold the dip/dressing on them better (makes for less mess). If you have the apple wedger, wedge the apples and dip them in caramel or similar stuff. even just add cinnamon and sugar so it's not so sweet. this way you can show off either the simple additions pieces or the flour/sugar shaker. Apple tarts are nice and easy too using the cut n seal. you can also do crust-free PB&J circles with the cut n seal. you can also do the chicken and broccoli ring from the stoneware inspirations cookbook, this way you can show how easy it is to make it look like there really isn't broccoli in it with the food chopper....parents tend to love the fact that there are tons of vegetables that they can chop with the food chopper, make them really really tiny, and hide them in foods. just use your imagination, never doubt an idea, try it and if it doesn't work the first time, fix it until it does!
Jul 9, 2005
Do you have the kids cook book? I have done 1 kids show so far and have another one booked at the end of this month. I let the Mom's pick out the things that we are going to make. One thing that is really good is the veggie wrap. I even made this one for an adults show by special request 2 times. :)
Do you have any children? If so, what are thier favorite things that you have? If not, let me know and I will let you know some of my children's favorite Pampered Chef products. There are 6 of them so it will be a varried list. I can e-mail it to you if you would like. Let the mom's know that children love to help in the kitchen when they get to use Pampered Chef products. Just my opinion. ;)