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Help with a potential recruit

Mar 8, 2005
I have this gal who would be great at the business and she is interested. But her hubby doesn't want her to do it. He wants her to be home with the kids. She has 4 kids and homeschool's one of them. He works outside the home and plays hockey 4 nights a week. Of course, I can't say the things I really want to say (like - HE goes out 4 nights, you can't go out one night?)...I know she'd be good at this. She hasn't give any other reasons because I've asked if she had any other things holding her back. It was only this....I've invited her to several meetings, but she always has to do something with the kids because he is going out. She has a HUGE family, which would be very beneficial to her business, I know!

Any suggestions on how to keep her interested while she works on him to reconsider? :rolleyes:


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Mar 13, 2005
Maybe have a meeting with the 2 of them. So you can talk about it in front of him, and address his concerns with the business. When he brings up the part of her staying home, ask him if he would have a problem with her being out one or 2 nights a month (use a low number, don't scare him, heh). This would be really good for her, it's nice to get out with adults on occasion! Then bring up how much he probably likes getting out 4 nights a week doing his hockey. If handled delicately, you could win him over. Good luck!!


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Feb 3, 2005
Lori made some awesome suggestions...1-2 times a month!

Also, bring a copy of your paychecks so they can see what the benefit is by going out 1-2 times a month (or more). A lot of men think we are paid in product and don't really make anything.

Ask what his concerns are. Address them as well as hers. Offer up the idea of a babysitter the nights she has a show if he can't watch the kids.


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Nov 24, 2004
Lost two potential Bilingual recruits

I know it is so important to act quickly when someone seems interested in the business opportunity. I had two leads on bilingual consultants (which we are desparate for). Both wanted the Spanish versions of catalogs and one wanted to book a show (they work together). I thought I'd be able to get a few catalogs from a bilingual consultant in our cluster. Turns out, she didn't have any - as her shows the last year have not required them so she doesn't order anymore.

I thought about going ahead and ordering a pack of 25, but with them expiring in 2 months, I hoped I could buy a few from someone else. I emailed 3 Directors in the area, and posted a request here on Chef Success. No response. I contacted my two leads to explain that I could not get the catalogs until September 1st, and without too much detail explained that was when new catalogs would be available. I know I missed out on the opportunity of a show and two recruits.

How would you have better handled this (other than going ahead and buying a huge pack of catalogs and letting most go to waste)?


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May 6, 2005
It's too bad we can't buy smaller quantities of the Spanish catalog. I know it seems like a waste, but maybe you can still order a pack of them. What is it, $12.00? If they turn into recruits (or even at least book a show) you'll have made that $ back easily. It's a gamble though because who knows if they'll follow through. It doesn't sound like you've totally missed this opportunity! What was their response? I would maybe keep asking and if you don't get anywhere in a week, try to order some. It may be worth it. If not, maybe someone else will come along in your same situation and you can sell them to her. Good luck!


Potentia Recruit/Reluctant Husband

Hmmmm, sorry, no suggestions from me. I wish you luck
though! It sounds like he wants to keep her where it is
most convenient for him to be able to do his thing. Which
is a shame because it would be so good for her to be able
to socialize too! I really see kitchen shows as a great way
to socialize. Could she or would she possibly focus on
catalog shows with the occasional kitchen show thrown in?
Maybe he would go for that. It seems that most of the
people I come across only want to do catalog shows. I
have to really push for the kitchen show.


janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I think I would go ahead and buy the spanish catalogues. You would be able to use them at the one show. If the one person who was interested signed up to be a consultant you could give any leftover catalogues to her. Or you could keep them yourself. You never know when you may need them. There may be a couple places in Tx. you could leave the catalogues at barber shops, doctor's office, ect..(especially once they are older and the new products come in.) Like Becky said the money you make from getting a recruit and having a show may be alot more than what you had to spend on buying the catalogues.