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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser

  1. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    I have a Help Whip Cancer fundraiser every year at my home. I do it as an open house. I invite past guests and hosts and because my mom and best friend both had Breast Cancer I have them give me a list of people they would like to invite as well. They are my special guests and I get them pink rose corsages. I give them my free product and donate my commission to the American Cancer Society. In the past I have ordered a half a sheet cake with the breast cancer logo on it and have made up some bars and served coffee, etc.
    I have a special giveaway of some sort (usually stoneware piece). Does anyone have any different ideas for me for this year? I never know exactly how many people will show up so I do not want to cook a lot of food but am looking for something different and fun. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! :)
  2. beepampered

    beepampered Veteran Member


    Oh, I can't wait to see what others have to say. I'm new and just found out about this whole campaign (and am still learning). I, too, would like to do an open house type thing. I was trying to think of some ways to give our prevention tips: maybe get some brochures from the American Cancer Society that talks about how to prevent cancer or even have someone there willing to do a breast exam (okay, a little personal but seems appropriate). I also thought about having a beautician there who could cut hair to be donated to make wigs (my hair is in desperate need for a haircut so I would be first in line).

    Jan 26, 2006
  3. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    Great ideas. I ordered brochures from The American Cancer Society. I used our woven baskets and placed them in the baskets. I also ordered some pins and post it notes from one of our suppliers and gave those out to everyone who placed an order. When I sent out the invites, I made sure to tell people that the open house was in honor of my mom and best friend and others who were affected by Breast Cancer. You wouldn't believe how many lives it affects! It was a good open house and I hope that each year gets even bigger.
    I am thinking of posting a sign up in my yard with pink balloons to let others know that are driving by that I am holding a HWC open house. I even thought about seeing if I could put it in my church bulletin or our local paper or something. I have a friend who sells PC that comes to my house to help answer any questions people have and she helps take orders and puts them directly into my computer and prints out receipts. I put out most every PC product that I own so people can peek at them. I give out envelopes when people leave the show that have a Thank You for coming letter and the brochure from The American Cancer Society. I also give them info on hosting and joining PC. I have everyone sign a guest book too. That way I have names and numbers for people just in case they come and decide not to place an order (I have found no one that has not ordered yet.) It is a very rewarding experience!
    Take Care!
    Lisa :)
  4. chefnan

    chefnan Guest

    HWC fundraiser

    Last year a cluster member of mine had a HWC fundraiser at her chruch. She contacted the American Cancer Society and they sent a representative to speak. Sorry I can't give you more details like who she contacted but she said that they were more than happy to help once they knew what it was all about.

    Nanette :D
    Jan 27, 2006
  5. jdavis

    jdavis Veteran Member

    I think it would be cute to use the stencils that they will be having for one of the special items for the HWC campaign instead of ordering a cake with it already on it. Just a thought.
    Jan 27, 2006
  6. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    Thanks Nanette. I may check into that! Great idea!
    Lisa :)
  7. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    Thanks Jennifer.
    I was thinking of possibly doing that. My last open house I had over 250 people at my home. Will see how big it is this year. I was thinking of doing some to add with the cake and making them with cherry chip cake which is pink.
    Thanks again! It is always great getting such wonderful ideas.
    Lisa :)
  8. What are your avg. HWC fundraiser sales?


    If I may ask, what were your total sales for your HWC fundraiser last year?

    I am interested in doing the same, but the first open house I had was a total flop!

    Becky, TX
    Jan 28, 2006
  9. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    Hi Becky~
    I am trying to remember...I think it was about 2000 or so. It was really fun. It helped to have "special" guests. My best friend showed up bald from her chemo and it was a very special day. I just hope that it continues to get bigger each year.
    Let me know if you decide to host an open house too! :D
  10. BC0625

    BC0625 Silver Member


    I am a new consultant. I have found that there is so much information on this site - - you guys are really an awesome bunch.

    I am really interested in the Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser, my sister in law is currently undergoing chemo for Breast Cancer. I would really like to do this at a family get together, is the HWC something that automatically kicks off in May? Is there anything that I need to order for this campaign?

    Jan 28, 2006
  11. HWC fundraiser

    Thanks, Lisa!

    Becky, TX
    Jan 29, 2006
  12. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    Yep, the HWC campaign starts in May each year. They have special products that they will be offering and $1 from the sales of each of the products will go to The American Cancer Society. I can send you an email that I got from my director that has a picture and pricing for the products if you want to email me directly. Larademacher@gmail.com.
    They are Polka-dot cups and plates/2 (hostess only) 19.50 They are ADORABLE. Pink with white polka dots. You could mix and match with the new simple addition cups/mugs that will be coming out in March.
    Help Whip Cancer Magnetic Clips (breast cancer logo) 2/5.00
    Sm and lg cake stencils (breast cancer logo) 2/5.00
    Pink Bar board with pink quick cut knife 8.50
    You don't really need to order anything special for the fundraiser (oh, also a percentage of your show sales also goes toward the amer. cancer soc.) check out your Recipe for success book for more info.
    I know you can order pins or something and I THINK they are going to be sold as a supply? Don't quote me. Are vendors (Nancy's Artworks? and one other..you can find them on our consultants website) offer stickers, postcards etc IF you want to get anything.
    You can call The American Cancer Society 1-800-ACS-2345 or email www.cancer.org and they will send you brochures on fighting breast cancer and other info for free. I got these (I think you can get up to 150) and hand them out at my open house. I ordered some inexpensive things (pens/post it notes) that had the breast cancer logo and gave them out to people who placed an order.
    Maybe you could do something in celebration of your sister in law to show your support for her. I get my mom and best friend flowers to wear (just because not everyone who comes to my open house knows them personally). I also give them my free products/discount that I get as a hostess for the show. When my friend was going through her chemo she really appreciated people showing their support and the open house was a good way to take her mind off her struggle.
    After the open house I send out Thank You notes ( I ordered some from one of our suppliers) that have the breast cancer logo and they say "Because of you there is hope."
    I thank people for coming and tell them how much is being donated, etc. I think people like knowing how they have made a difference.
    I forgot to mention that last year I had our Stainless Whisk engraved with "HWC 2005" and gave a few out as prizes. People thought that was fun.
    I try to keep it simple and show my gratitude for attendance, etc.
    Maybe you could ask your family and friends to pass out catalogs for your fundraiser. Maybe put a little note with the catalogs or something about your sister in law if she would not mind.
    Enough of my rambling! :p Hope this helps you a little.
    Just shoot me an email if you would like and I will forward the pics of the HWC products. They will be on our website too, I am not sure when they will be posted.
    Take care!
  13. Hwc 2006

    Has anyone made up a HWC fundraiser orderform yet?
    I have a relay for life booth to set up this weekend and I would love to put up something for everyone to WOW about.... :)
  14. button92

    button92 Member

    HWC fundraiser

    I did a fundraiser last year, sales were just over $1000.00-which is very good for my area. I worked with a local cancer survivor,sent invites and put flyers around town. I also did a 50/50 drawing with the proceeds to be sent the cancer society, and a chinese auction-tickets for placing an order,bringing a guest or outside order,order over $50.00 etc. also offered tickets to be bought for auction-proceeds also to the cancer society. I raised over $300.00 combined from party sales and raffles. hope this info is helpful.
    PS-ask area bussinesses for donations for the chinese auctions and supplies.
    Feb 27, 2006
  15. pamperedharriet

    pamperedharriet Legacy Member

    HWC orderforms


    I posted a few the other day. Go to the flyers section and you should fine them. Let me know if you have a problem finding them.
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