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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Help!! Wedding Shower ideas

  1. Hello fellow chefers. I'm doing my first wedding shower the last of april or the first of May. The aunt of the bride is the host. She emailed me yesterday and gave me dates that work for them which is great. What format do you use? I bought the apron and have it. I need to get the pens so the guest can sign it. Do you use PC invites or do they do their own? What and how much food do you demo? The bride is a very sweet girl and I want this to be her day.
    Thank you all for all the help you give on this site
    Mar 12, 2009
  2. Hi
    The apron is always a great idea. Ask the host if they want to use PC invites or their own - I always give that option. Stick to one or two recipes. Do it as if you were doing a cooking show but get the bridesmaids and especially the bride to help you with the recipe (interactive) that way you can explain the tools. Do a draw (people always like to win something) or a left/right game.
    Mar 21, 2009
  3. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    I'm new to PC what is a left/right game?
    Mar 22, 2009
  4. c00p

    c00p Veteran Member Gold Member

    I hardly ever do the apron unless they ask for it!! Just another expense I figure I don't need to do....but they are cool when you have them. I always offer to do the invites for them and mail them (but I do that will all of my shows) and I use the PC bridal invites. I print them off on my printer so that they look really nice. Personally, I always do 2 recipes, typically a sweet and a savory, but I make sure that the second recipe is FAST and doesn't call for many ingredients. I tend to do the microwave cake because it gets wows, will sell the fluted stone, and is fast and yummy. (I know there are microwave cake "snobs" on CS, but I still love it!!! :D ) I ask the host if she wants to do any bridal shower games, but I don't do my normal games because I want the show/shower to be about the bride.
    If you search on bridal for posts, you'll find a TON of information on other posts too.
    Mar 23, 2009
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I ordered the PC invites and I got them in last week. I'm meeting with the bride, her mom and her aunt who's hosting the show tomorrow night to go over details. I will do some searches to get more ideas. Thanks again you guys are awesome!!
    Mar 23, 2009
  6. Fluffy215

    Fluffy215 Member Gold Member

    I have my first bridal shower next month. I was fortunate as I got the bridal apron for free from my recruiter who has hung up her apron. I also have a repeat host who used to sell PC who gave me invites so those were free also LOL It's nice this way it's not expensive for me to do my first shower and see what worked and what didn't. The best friend of the bride is hosting but is giving all the benefits to the bride so really just co-hosting. She stepped up to the plate since the maid of honor has been doing nothing. The host came to my spring open house and loved the double chocolate mousse cups and asked that is what I demo. I will preparing the cups ahead of time as over 25 people are expected in attendance, way to much time to demo all the cups LOL It's also a surprise shower so the bride is not aware of the party, she thinks she is going to the hosts moms surprise birthday party, which is two days later LOL My questions is should I buy a fabric pen or will a Sharpie work ok on the apron? I am going to play the game I saw on here somewhere about having the bride show some PC items and then step out of the room and ask questions about the bride LOL Anything I am forgetting?
    Mar 23, 2009
  7. Betsy Moyers

    Betsy Moyers Gold Member

    Where do you order the wedding shower invitations? I need to offer them and have no idea where to get them.
    Apr 1, 2009
  8. AudraKYPCLady

    AudraKYPCLady Novice Member

    To make the microwave cake, do you just follow the directions on the box, put the mix in the fluted stoneware and plop the icing on top? Then cook for 10 minutes?
  9. zmom58

    zmom58 Member

    You can order from paperwork supply JH25 25 for $5.00. Be sure to check with the host as you may need to order 2 packages. Have you thought about games etc...check the files on CS, if you need something else, let us know.:)
    Apr 11, 2009
  10. mscharf

    mscharf Advanced Member

    I believe it is 12 minutes!
    Apr 11, 2009
  11. flemings99

    flemings99 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Here's how I do my showers:

    I purchased a magnetic marker board at target and closepin magnets as well. I dressed up the pins magnets with ribbon and double heart charms from the local craft store. I have a black stand (southern living) that holds the board nicely and makes it look professional.

    I print off the brides registry on-line and cut them into strips. Picture of item and price will print nicely. I then sort them by price ranges to display on the board. $10 & under, $20 under, over $30 and so on. I have guest remove the items they'd like to purchase for the bride and write their names on the slips. I also have someone sit with the bride during the show and write down extras she'd like added to her wish list.

    I provide the apron, it is an extra expense--but it goes over well and most of my bridal showers end up around 1,000 in sales so it's worth the investment. I also use the PC invites and mail them for the host.

    I talk to the host about the recipe. Some want to do the demo, some don't. I have the guest wear name tags, intro themselves and give the bride a cooking, wedding, or marriage tip. At some point I have the bride share how they got engaged. Check with her before hand to make sure she's ok with this. I also offer bridal games, but leave that up to the host as to if we play them or not.

    After the shower I have the show sent to me to sort and then deliver back to the host. I include a print out with the orders of what the bride received from the shower & the products she was able to get as a result of her bridal credits. **You might want to check and make sure the bride/host is ok with this prior. I think guest like to see what the bride got as gifts as well as what she was able to get as a benefit for having the shower with PC.
    Apr 12, 2009
  12. JenniK

    JenniK Member

    What do the bridal shower invites look like that are on P3? Paperwork supply JH25 25 for $5.00.

    In general...where can I see any of the stuff is that is available on P3 on supply orders?
    Aug 3, 2009
  13. cwinter474

    cwinter474 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I'm with you.... never heard of the "left/right" game

    Aug 3, 2009
  14. PCMomto4

    PCMomto4 Member

    I don't have the left/right game for PC but I have been to other shows that use it and will try to explain it the best I can. It is basically a story that the consultant reads to the guests, before you start the game you give an item (usually whatever the prize is) to someone it could be the host, first one to get there, anyone really. As you read the story when you say left/right the person hads the prize either to the left or right. Then at the end of the story whoever is left holding the item is the winner. I hope that makes sense.
    Aug 3, 2009
  15. Here's the Bridal Version of the Left/Right Game. What I do is give everyone a gift bag, envelope, etc. Some have prizes in them, but not all (the envelopes have "Free Show", "Free Shipping", "Choose gift from basket").

    Give everyone a bag/envelope. You begin to read what's on the paper. The guests have to listen for you to say right or left. When they do, they pass their bag in that direction. EX: Kelly "left" her house today. The guests would pass their bags to the left.

    You keep doing this until you get to the end of the paper. It's kinda cute and can get a lot of giggles. Especially, when grown adults can't tell right from left because they are listening too hard. It also gets really interesting if you have one gift.

    Hope I didn't totally confuse you.

    Have fun!

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  16. I am the host and consultant for my cousins bridal shower on Saturday - My challenge is my family is either in the middle of or recovering from the flu. :( I am pretty determined that we will be well and organized by Sat. Currently I have nothing organized. I am a newer consultant and this is my first Bridal shower and there has been some skepticism in the whole PC Bridal shower already (some people can be very negative). I am also new to chefsuccess... Could someone help me find or does anyone know about the Bridal shower cake? I.e. how to prepare it?
    Nov 10, 2009
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