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Help W/booking binder


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Feb 8, 2006

I am new to pc, just started last week. I got my starter kit yesterday. I am excited. I was going to work on my bookings binder today, and was wanting to know what I should put in it. Layout? Flyers? If anyone has anything that they can send me to help out that would be great.

Thank you,
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Sep 7, 2005

looking under search type in "booking binder" and you will get some threads posted about the binder and give you ideas!


Feb 6, 2006
There are many ideas in here.

Mine has slickers/page protectors and the following:

1. Super Starter Flyer
2. Wedding Registry/Bridal Shower Flyer
3. Fund-Raiser
4. Host Rewards Flyer
5. Guest/Host Specials (3 months)
6. Menu/Themes
a. Mexican Fiesta
b. La Cucina Italiana
c. Mommy & Me (Kids in the Kitchen)
d. Dim Sum and then some (Asian)
e. My Big Fat Greek Cooking Show
f. Whodunit
g. The Amazing Race
h. The Truly Pampered Chef (Spa)​
Each flyer has: ideas for music, decorations and recipes, the host booking the show can choose which recipe (one or two) or I'll recommend. I have games available, but some do not want them...that's fine too, fun facts about that theme or place.

The cover might be about why you are a Pampered Chef consultant...pictures of your family...or their activities that y'all enjoy because you have the extra income...etc.

The back can be things you enjoy about Pampered Chef...vacations, awards, friendships, products, etc.

There are many documents here at this site that can help (also at the Pampered Chef site), but don't hesitate to ask if you are looking for something yhou can't find.

Welcome and Good Luck to you fellow PCer,


Feb 6, 2006
I have it sitting up opened in front of the work area and before I start the demo I pick it up and say that they may want to thumb through this later when their sampling the treats we're about to make it has great recipe and party ideas and themes for their cooking show and shows the products in the starter and bonus kits if they want to take a look at joining.

Then I sit it aside, but it then reminds me to bring up the wedding shower/registry, fund-raiser, joining opportunity.

Then after the demo, I pick it up again and say something about either a theme show if something has come up to remind me specifically of one or of one of my children (whose picture I'll then show) or whatever and hand it to the nearest person and say, "Well, here you can pass this around while you come up and serve yourself. I'll be over XYZ to talk about your orders, booking your own show, our products, whatever."


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Nov 18, 2005
Could you send me one, also. This sounds like a great idea. I am trying to get a little more organized and could use any help I can get.