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HELP setting up "PC" Home Office


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Nov 5, 2005
Hello Everyone!

Can I get some input about how I should set up my Pampered Chef Home "Office"? What filing system has worked for you, etc?

I have 3 filing cabinets to work with, but I have no idea where to begin... HELP!


Here's what I did

And it seems to work good for me.

I only have 1 2 drawer filing cabinet to work with.

In the top I have hanging folders for:
1) Stationary & post cards.
2) Sales reports - I have the "snapshot" sheet for the month on the top, and all of the shows are behind it. I have 1 folder for each month.
3) This month host/guest special flyers
4) Next month host/guest special flyers
5) 2 months out host/guest special flyers
6) Host packet information - any brochures, or flyers I might put in a host packet go here
7) Recipes
8) Cluster newsletters/flyers
9) Banking/commission statements
10) Miscellanous paperwork.
11) Labels. Blank and pre-printed ones, that I can grab in a hurry.
12) Completed Show evaluation forms stapled by show/event.

In the bottom drawer, I have guest folders made up along with anything I might bring with me to the show - pens, show evaluation forms, etc.

I notice when I stray from the "system", my office is out of control.