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Help!!! please!

Aug 23, 2005
I signed the contract in sept..my ss1 was oct and i had 3 shows and no bookings i have found it very hard to get any shows..i got the website and sent an email to everyone i know and have spoken to everyone! no one is interested in ordering or hosting a show..i feel so..blah! i don't know what to do..my director has seemed to lose hope in me and i feel really annoyed with that..i mean this is not easy for everyone..when i signed i felt like i had tons of support and now i feel like no one cares...i don't want to give up but i am kinda lost with what to do. A friend of mine has told me to print flyers and put them on cars in parking lots has anyone ever done this?? my recruiter told me i was supposed to have my last show in by the 15th of this month but i didn't make it i don't know what is going to happen now.. someone give me a word of advice or something i feel very defeated.

Nicole :(


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Sep 7, 2005
have a grand opening!

For this show that you need have your own grand opening! Invite EVERYONE you know, family ,freinds, coworkers, neighbors, friends freinds, hair dressers, nail ladies etc and do a mystery host show (to draw them in) and do raffles, games etc. to entice them. Send out a letter to all you know telling them of your new business and be excited about it! This was my best response- a letter email to all my friends and family! I got 13 bookings from them for my first 3 months! If you are excited that will generate interest and also HIgh light all of the hostess rewards for helping you out!
good luck!


You are going to be fine :) What you can do is an Open house. Print up 100 flyers and take them door to door around your neighborhood and your nearest schools. At the schools you can give them to the teachers. Just ask the secretary to put it in their boxes.
Set up a display with all your SS kit items. Have a recipe already made, maybe a ring or an appetizer.

Call all of your guests from your last three shows and let them know to come and bring a guest. Offer them a gift if they give their flyer to another person in case they can't come.

Please don't give up. I was in a rut last year and barely made kept my active status with $200 in orders in Dec and Jan. You can do it!

Please feel free to email me or call me. I know it is long distance, but sometimes you just need to hear an encouraging voice ;) I sent you a Private message too :)
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Jun 20, 2005
My family lives in Portsmouth and Chesapeake, so I know the area. Go to Hampton and knock on every door. Give them a holiday or mini catalog and a host benefits flyer. Talk to every single person. Tell them that you are having a show in the area and wanted to invite them! The one that answers the door and JUST GUSHES about The Pampered Chef is your host. Tell them you are just getting started and would like for them to be your hostess. Let them know that YOU'VE already invited tons of people from the neighborhood for a Holiday Open House. I haven't done this personally, but read it on this site a few months ago! Hampton is full of people that LOVE to spend money. I worked for a floral shop one Christmas while I was at home on school break and several women from Hampton spent more that $5000 on holiday decorations. The area then used to be filled with politicians and their wives and families!

Good Luck and keep your chin up!
Oct 24, 2005
Opposite of what you have been told...

I COMPLETLY understand!!! I am in your same boat. I wonder how people do it?!? :confused: I feel like I am on the verge of being a stalker/harrasser for asking my family and friends so much. With 50 trillion people out there selling PC, Tupperware, Avon, Premier Jewlery, candle etc etc..not to mention EBAY your family and friends are probably like mine..SICK TO DEATH!!! :eek: My few few shows I've done (4) (I'm new, and trust me this ain't easy)I've got (1) booking each..and my personality isn't one that can "force" more to book or buy and I like my family and friends and don't like being pushy!!! Every one says give this gift give that gift, offer them this for this, put up flyers, knock on doors beg plead borrow. I can't afford to do all that. BTW, I see all sorts of consultants say they make $125 an hour (based on a 2 hr show) WELL its NOT 2 hrs of time its 45mins to an hour before, 2 hr party and drive time to and from not to mention the paperwork, clean up, prep etc.I think its a personality thing..the more agressive people with endless time seem to do well. NOT every person can have $1000 shows every other day, NOT everyone can pay to put flyers on every car they see, NOT everyone can feel comfortable knocking on a strangers door, NOT everyone can "force" guest, friends and family to buy and book.
Sorry I'm venting...hope things turn around for you...if you can honestly have fun and not expect to make a ton of money right of the bat...you'll do

Other consultants DON'T be mad at me...this is how I HONESTLY feel at this time..I do think PC products are WONDERFUL...and I have fun at shows...just thinking this business is easy..isn't the truth..
Aug 23, 2005
my first and only show was an open house. so thats why i am kinda stuck i really would like to try to get at least one show in this month and then i have one in dec but i want more..i wanted to go door to door but my hubby is not liking that idea at all. I have never been to hampton i am in Norfolk. I think my friend may have something with the flyers on the cars and i will put flyers on doors i am going to come up with something fun. Thanks everyone..i won't give up ..this is hard but nothing in life is easy i know that. I look at all the people who are successful on here and i know if you guys can do it so can i!




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Jun 20, 2005
I can't believe that I didn't mention this

Contact the local churches to see if and when any of then are having a Fall or Winter Bazaar. I attended a Fall church bazaar this past weekend and received 70 to 80 entries in the drawing box and have booked 4 shows with another 4 in the works. I also have about 5 recruit leads from just calling people that entered my drawing. Your director gets $50 every month to use for fair and bazaar booth's. My director gives hers out to her cluster to use. So, the only costs that I was out was for gas, the food I ate through out the day, and about $20 for fabric, candles, candy and flowers I used to decorate the table.

This will help you get out of the Friends and Family Circle. Good luck to you and also to Bean!



I am not mad, just understanding about how you feel too.

I don't have all the time in the world for PC. After a little over a year of doing this I am just now organizing my time so I don't feel overwhelmed and I don't neglect my 2yr old. I am also finding the deals and where to go to get them. I have gone to all but one cluster meeting and voiced my concerns. I am blessed to have a great cluster. I hope you have that same support. I do stay home for my kids, but manage my time. Yes, I only worked 7 shows last month and 6 this month, but that is work is the fun part. The paperwork is the time consuming part (In my opinon). My work days are Mon-Fri 9am-2pm. And IF I have to do phone calls it is on mon,wed,fri,sat between 5pm-9pm. Depending on the when the person is best reachable. I always try to ask that so I can plan.

PC is a lot of work but it also is very rewarding in the end. Vent away and get it out!!! that is the only way you can move forward. :)

Like I told Nikki if you'd like to reach me, I am here to talk.

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
What you're going through right now sound like how my summer was. Sometimes it only takes one show to get you going. That has been my case a couple of times. I didn't have much on my calendar for this month or next month and then one show I got 5 bookings and am ending this year really good. So hang in there and keep trying. In a couple of months you'll find yourself giving booking ideas to someone who was in the same boat as you are now. :)


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Jan 6, 2005
Just my 2 cents...
I am terrible at customer care calls..I'm lucky if I call 6 months after they got there products...I like to talk...but hate "selling myself" in booking shows...i work long hours, and I have my own web design company on the side...so my hours are precious..so I created my solution for me...I decided how many shows I want to do a month...2 -3 shows is now the norm..I love telling people I have a "year round business" as once I get those 2-3 shows (I also count catalog shows, although I now some people don't..but catalog shows are great for me...) I tell people I'm fully booked and look at the next month or so....Bookings...as I said earlier, I'm terrible @ customer care calls...(great at host coaching though...which is kindof funny) anyways, I do tons of fairs and "free kitchen show" drawings at my fairs...luckily everyone wins...but I call them after the fair to say "you've won my grand prize, I'm so excited...and go into my spiel." They are always so happy...small town fairs and as earlier mentioned Church baazars are great..as are neighborhood fairs, and also...if you don't want to have an open house...have a garage sale..sell some of your other stuff..yet have a table for Pampered Chef and maybe a free kitchen show drawing...this may help you if you feel no one will attend your open house...garage sales can be advertised in the newspaper & you get people outside of your list of 100...
Anyways, that's my 2 cents...but I can't tell you how great I feel when I meet my goals! Good Luck!


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Nov 25, 2004
Forget Family and Friends

I have been with the company for a year and a half... I have been where you are and I have also been where I am now. Do not give up, this company is awesome.

If your Director is not giving you the motivation, encouragement or support you need, call me at 734-480-1453 and I will set you up on my email list and give you support. I do this because it feels so good to my heart!

My family and friends aren't that supportive of what I do, so I have pursued other avenues.

Consider people you interact with:
Doctor or Gyno... trust me, you have to talk about SOMETHING!
How about a favorite person at the post office,
Grocery store check out clerk
When you go out carry PC stuff everywhere
Carry catalogs and READ them over and over
You don't have to actually read them... just look at them, people will say oh I love Pampered Chef do you know someone? and you can say you are that someone!!

Visit neighbors... one idea that has been successful for some of my new team members is to knock on 10-20 doors and tell them you got stated with PC and IF someone was having a PC show on Dec. 3rd would they attend?? You will get some yes's! Once you have about 10-12 yes's. Then ask the next house, if they'll be the host... tell them you already have the guests ready to attend! It may take a few houses but someone is bound to want the free stuff with 0 effort or work.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions. We are all here to help each other!