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Help! I need some new Power Cooking Recipes


Jan 18, 2009
Hi Cheffers! I am doing a Power Cooking Workshop at the end of the week and I'm stuck. Most of the guests have been to my Power Cooking Workshops from last year (where we did all of the PC recipes twice last year!) I want to offer more "freezeable recipes", any suggestions? Thanks! :chef:


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Nov 3, 2005
I did a pulled pork one last year that was a huge hit!! I slow baked the pork shoulder roast in the dcb all day shredded it at the cooking class, then we made the chiliquiles (SP) from 29 mins II, pork sopes from latin flavor, bbq pulled pork sandwiches also 29 mins II, & the white chicken chili (obviously made w/ pulled pork)

Yesterday at my power cooking beef cooking class we did the chilli, sloppy joes, & the stroganoff. Plus I froze more plain portions. I gave them examples of what I add the beef too, for example I will sometimes substitute beef in the chiliquiles or mexican lasagna, spaghetti, a breakfast dish that my family loves is creamed spinach, burger & eggs, & my son's favorite mac n cheese w/ hamburger.


Jan 18, 2009
Yep, we've been through all of them (2x each!!) It's a workshop I do about every 8-12 weeks or so and we do 3-4 of them at a time. I'll keep digging.:yuck:


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Sep 20, 2005
I recently purchased the book "Fix Freeze Feast" (thanks ChefAnn!) and it has a ton of great recipes in there...and some are breakfast recipes, which I'm thinking of offering. "Breakfasts On The Go".

One thing that I REALLY like about this book is that it doesn't rely on canned/convenience foods to put together the recipes. It's much more my style of cooking.

I have a ton of recipes from my Personal Chef days (it was my job to fix and freeze 10 meals at a time for my clients) but almost all of those recipes I signed an agreement saying I wouldn't distribute them...:(


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Aug 27, 2009
Would you mind telling us more about the workshops? How exactly does it work? This sounds right up my alley, what a great idea.