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Help! I dont know what I am doing!

Feb 22, 2006
How does the kit credit work? One of my hosts is interested in PC and she wants to know if she can use her host credit towards it. I see that she can use 20 or 40 towards the kit, but how do I do this? And if her host credit is only at 15, she cant do this, right? I am waiting on one more order which may or may not put her at 25 host credit. Can you enter the kit into Pampered Partner? How does it all work?



Sep 9, 2005
yes, she can use her FREE PRODUCT VALUE $$$ towards her Kit credit. It is actually an item listed when you put in her order. Just like you can't find an item, you click on the magnifying glass, well go to a blank line on her Host order, click on the magnifying glass and look up $20 kit credit or $40 Kit credit depending on how much she wants to use or how much she has available.

If her credit is only $15 then no, she has to get it up to a $300 or more show in order to use the $20 or $20 credit towards her kit.

Once her show goes in and shows up on your Individual Performance summary screen, then sign her up online. That is done NOT going in thru Consultant's corner but just logging on to the website, choose Come Join Us and then walk her thru the steps over the phone or she can log on and sign up. There will be a place on there for you to indicate that she is using a KIT CREDIT and you will need to input the show # that you have already turned in.

Hope that helps!! if you need more help email and I will walk you thru it!!
Feb 22, 2006
So, does she pay with the show order? Or does she pay when we enter in the info online?


You would enter the kit credit in at one of the free items. There are two different item numbers out there in pp. You do have to have at least the $20 in free product value to get a kit credit. You cannot process the consultant agreement until PC has received the show. It may take a day or so after you transmit to have it recognized. When you go to submit the agreement there is a place to indicate if you have a kit credit and if so what the consultant number and show number are. They will then match the credit. Remember, that if she wants to be eligible for the March recruiting special (Simple Additions) then PC needs her agreement to be received by the 31st. Keep that in mind when completing paperwork. You could then make her first super starter month May and she would have April as her introductory period with the kit shipping April 1st.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have more questions.