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Help - I don't know if I should join.


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May 24, 2005
I am having trouble getting bookings (the first 4). A friend of mine is now avoiding me and I have only spoken to her about it twice, and briefly. My mother was less than enthusiastic, although this I understand as she is in her 70's. My sister said she thought she could only get a couple of people to come, but that she would do a party for me. My brother and his wife will do a catalog show for me, but that is in another state so, no bookings. I can do a show, but don't know how successful that would be. My friends just aren't party people. I have two shows for the fall, if I join, but they can't book earlier than that. People love the products, but don't want to do shows. I really would like to do Pampered Chef as I love to cook, but am now looking at other options. I don't know that many people here and I live in New England where people are not as friendly as the midwest where I grew up and I am not sure how to do this. Sorry this is so wordy.


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Mar 29, 2005
Have you thought about doing a show yourself? I had a show and my aunt booked from it with a little hesitation. At her show, she submitted $1000 in sales and had 4 bookings from it! I helped her figure out her free product (it's when PC did points instead of free product value and I wasn't a consultant yet) and they convinced me to become a consultant. I did the next day and haven't looked back since! I love it and I love all the product I have! I am in the kitchen making dinner a lot more and not ordering out! My husband loves it b/c he doesn't have to cook as much either!

I would invite everyone you know and collect outside orders as well. Even though you are the consultant, you can still have your own show! Put up flyers in the grocery store, laundry mats, anywhere people are!
Good luck with your decision!

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004

I just signed another consultant who had the same concerns as you. Your concern is valid, considering bookings are the lifeline of our business.

Let me see if I can alleviate some of your concerns. Here are a few suggestions...

1.) Talk to your recruiter and/or director. Tell them of your concerns. They can help you walk through your List of 100 and help you find the bookings. If you do not have someone you are working with, please contact me and I will be more than willing to help you through this process. My information is below.

2.) Host a show as a host. You can host a show and then use some of your free product value to lower the amount of your start-up kit. Any bookings from this show should be given to you by the consultant.

3.) Host a show as a consultant. Again, invite everyone you know. Also, invite everyone in your neighborhood. Knock on their door, introduce yourself as the new neighborhood PC woman and invite them to your show.

4.) Be excited. Tell everyone you know that you have started a new business. When I started, I called people telling them that I had recently started with PC and would they be willing to host a show. Not only would they be helping me get started, but they would receive a lot of PC products for FREE.

Those are just a couple of starting points. The most important thing is making your list of 100. That is a list of all the people you know, locally or otherwise. It is amazing how many people we all know once we start working on it. If your recruiter has not given you the list format yet, please let me know and I will forward one to you. If you want to get started today on that list, use the FRANK acronym. List 5 people in the following categories...

A...Acquaintances (hairdressers, bank tellers, dentist, this can be anyone!)
K...Kids... people you know through your kids or other peoples kids.

I hope that gives you a start. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me. I have unlimited long distance, so if you want just e-mail me that you want to talk and I will call you so you don't have to pay for the call.

This is such an exciting business. It can be scary and overwhelming at first, but is so worth it in the end. Plus, there is a new consultant incentive for June and an incentive for all consultants in July. Basically that equates to more FREE stuff for us!!! :D

Good luck in your decision. I hope to hear from you soon.
Mar 8, 2005
Remember, it's not only who you know, it's who you friends know. Once you get out of your immediate circle of friends/relatives, things will definitely pick up! Encourage every host to invite people from lots of different areas of their lives. Tell them to not just invite the ladies from work, or church, but invite people they know from everywhere. I don't know if I worded this clearly, but vary the crowd. That way, if someone books, the new host knows that she will have other people to invite, not just the same people who were at the show she booked from!!!

Good luck!