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Help! Host not showing up to her own party!



I got an e-mail this week from a customer who had thought about having a party but I've never been able to get her to commit (she doesn't return calls). She asked me if I could do a last minute show this weekend. It would be combined with a party her cousin was having to sell a clothing line and was located about an hour away but they thought it would be fun to comine both. I agreed and immediately spoke with her about also sending out e-vites to friends in this area to help with her sales. As the week has gone by, I tried again to call her to confirm a few details. She is not returning any of my phone calls or the e-mail I sent her. I finally connected with her last night for only a couple minutes and she said she probably will not be able to come now nor has she sent out any e-vites.

I spoke with her cousin once, who is very excited to have me come but I don't know what to do about the "Host" issue now. Do I still list this person as the host when she has done nothing and won't even show up for the party?? Should I make her cousin a co-host? Who should I have the products delivered to? I'm not sure her cousin wants to deal with that all of a sudden as she did not plan on it. :eek: What a mess! I'm still new at this and now I am not sure what to tell the original "host"...if she'll even answer the phone!


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May 6, 2005
wow, she sure left you hanging! And it's this weekend, as in tomorrow?? How many guests is her cousin expecting?? If she's expecting lots of people and you don't mind the drive, it may be worth it. I would say that the cousin should get most/all of the host benefits because she's the only one who did some work in inviting people. Did she call it an Open House? Is there an actual start time when guests are expected to be there? I ask because some of those things are like open houses and sometimes the turnout isn't good. I was going to say to have your customer go ahead and do the evites, but it's REALLY short notice I doubt she'd get much interest. Although, who knows, sometimes last minute things work out better. If the show is on Sunday, there's a little more time to play with. Since that host/your customer doesn't seem to follow through on things all that well, maybe offer to send the evites out for her as long as she gets you the guest list. Then you'll at least know they went out. You can word it how you want to really psyche up the guests and let them know it's their last chance to get the discontinued items, etc. If she does follow through and get you the guest list, maybe you could list her as a cohost and give her a small portion of the benefits.

That's what I would do. But if the cousin isn't expecting more than 5 or 10 people, it may not be worth it especially if her guests have no clue that PC will be there. Good luck! Let us know how it goes! :)


Thanks so much for responding!

The cousin has invited friends and family to come as an Open House but is planning on me starting my demonstration at 1:00. It is for tomorrow, Saturday. I have offered to send out e-vites for my original host and she said she would do it but hasn't followed through. I don't want to be rude to her but she is not doing anything. I am bringing the food and her cousin is providing the location so I think it is only right to suggest we list her cousin as the co-host.

I will definitely follow through with the committment and do the show, but what if her cousin decides she does not want to deliver any orders that come out of this? Should I have them direct shipped? The shipping is more but this show is so far from where I live. Normally I would just offer to deliver the product? Yikes! I've only done 3 shows so far and now this. :confused:


Feb 6, 2006
I would leave a message for the original "host" if you can't get a hold of her and say something like,

"I'm sorry things didn't work out for you to host a party, but your cousin seems very excited to move forward so I'm going to allow her to have any benefits (free, 1/2 priced, etc.) from the cooking show tomorrow. If you ever get a chance to host a show yourself, let me know, they are a lot of fun and you really can earn some great products. Anyway, just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what was going on. Thanks so much for thinking of me and recommending me to your cousin."​

Then treat the cousin as the host and have the orders shipped to her.

That is how I would handle this...but I know that what works for one person might not work for another...just my two cents.

Good Luck!


Thank you so much!!!

That is great advise! I always want to leave things positive but I was very stressed out not knowing how to handle this situation.

Thanks again! :)


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Jul 7, 2005
You determine the host

Remember - 'where the rubber hits the road' is where you enter whatever in Pampered Partner.

Call the cousin the host - just open a new show under the cousin's name. It sound like...

-no the original 'host' won't show
-the original 'host' has done NOTHING to get guests
-the original 'host' had then worked hard TO NOT RECEIVE HOST BENEFITS - in her case it took work of... not returning your calls, etc.

so - you now have a substitute show in place, make the most of it. SHOW COOKWARE! Do the grands biscuit demo in the try-me pan - get cookware into the hands of your guests. Do the melt an ice cube trick - just place an icecube in one of the new host's pans, and one in a professional pan - the profess. pan melts it much faster than cast iron or stainless steel - shows heat dispersion.

If you have the capacity, the biscuit demo is very slick. Go to Walgreen's and get a single plug-in burner and an extension cord - the one with the burner is purposely short. see recipe for demo. A sweet version is good for brunch or dessert kinda thing. The savory version is it for afternoons or appetizer time. Then do your main recipe and you're good to go.

Shower your new host with kudos, and offe the opportunity. Remember - you get ZERO of the guests interested, that you don't ask! Ask everyone when they would host a show for you.

Good luck - YOU are the consultant; you are in charge. Don't let a disorganized host take control. Indirectly she has done you a favor, since she would not be a great PC model. Send her invitations to your next 4 or 5 shows, then let her go.


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Feb 11, 2006
4 months experience as a consultant

Hi my name is Susan and I have been a consultant since October of 2005. I have trouble getting bookings. I have made some customer care calls and rec'd orders but no bookings. I too have hosts that are difficult to get hold of. Have trouble getting out of my comfort zone at the shows but will keep trying. Just recently rec'd my PC spring/summer products and can't wait to show them off!

Any suggestions on how to get out of the circle of friends as they can't be your only hosts. I do have one idea so let me know what you think. It is in regards to the Celebrate plate. I am going to send out a letter with a picture of the plate on it to different realtors in the area and suggest to them that they purchase them to give to their clients at on the close of a house sale as a housewarming gift for them. Thought that might get my name out there among different people.