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Help for Murder Mystery ?


Novice Member
Jul 14, 2005
I see some great flyers in the Files section of the site, but I am not sure how to go about planting the clues throughout the show ? Any help from someone who has done this successfully, as in "lunchroom" chat, I have two people interested in this type of show in Aug !
I was thinking it would be great to have some props and "dress up" some of the guests as the characters. ;) But I'm just not sure how to make the show flow smoothly ?


Gold Member
Jan 6, 2005

Unfortunately, I can't help you...but I would LOVE to do this myself!!! Please, if anyone's done this before...your help is needed!!
P.S. I think this is great to push for October as Halloween seems like it is the whole month now and not just the 31st!!
Looking forward to those ideas!


May 25, 2005
Murder mystery show

I've got one coming up in a couple weeks. I'm still working out the details. But I think it will be alot of fun. I'm taking ideas I found on this site and using them as a springboard for my show. I think having a script for some of the guests to read allowing them to be suspects is a fun idea. I think I'm going to do it where they will be reenacting arguments that they had with the victim (the kitchen consultant) earlier in the day while preparing for the show. I'm really looking forward to this. Each suspect will come in at a different part of the recipe and will work the argument around the product info. Like,"Hand me that jar of Dill Mix, you know all of PC spices are so fresh you can really smell and taste the difference." "Yes, I know that but unfortunatley they can't disguise the taste of your mean gossip!" Something like that. Maybe this will get your imagination going and if you have any suggestions for me as I'm working on it please let me know. ;)


Novice Member
Jul 15, 2005
Great ideas


That is a great idea. I would like to plan a Mystery Host in October so these ideas are great. I am a bit confused at starting. I think I will send flyers and post cards and then send follow up catalogs. I just don't want to send out catalogs to those who may not want to play and have them tossed.