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Urgent Help Fajitas in RockCrok ?

Mar 18, 2015
I am a rather new consultant (three months) I have someone hosting a Fajitas and Ritas party. So I have made three batches of fajitas this last month at home trying to get the chicken just right. I know people keep telling me to just make the same recipe as the DCB. But I cant get it right.
A recipe yesterday called for me to heat 10 min with no lid. Put on lid the next 5 minutes, chicken was not quite done, so I added three minutes and it tastes like rubber today. Party in on Friday and I'm DESPERATE . I would love any advice.


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Sep 5, 2007
I have only done the fajitas in the DCB and they have been fine. I'm sorry I cannot help.

Shari in TX

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Aug 7, 2010
I have followed the directions for the DCB Fajitas with the RC with no problem. Slice up two peppers, two onions and a clove of garlic and mix in the RC. Add the juice of 1/2 to 1 lime over the veggies. Lay two to three chicken breasts (depending on size) on top that have already been coated with a little oil and whatever rub you like (I like Chipotle, Tex-Mex, Chili Lime or Southwestern). Cover and microwave on high for 15 minutes. I try to put the smallest breast in the center if I do three. Sometimes I have to check at 10 minutes or so and move the middle one to the outside and rearrange just a little. I also have had to add an extra couple minutes depending on the microwave.

I think the key might be to have the lid on the whole time. Also, the chicken will not brown so test the temp with a meat thermometer for doneness rather than just looking at it. As soon as it's done, chop it on a cutting board or very carefully in the RC with the Salad Choppers taking care not to scratch the RC. Part of the thing that keeps the meat moist and delicious is mixing it in with the peppers, onions and juices.

Hope it goes well for you.

Shari in TX
Jul 20, 2015
My advice is for you to use the DCB since that is what you are comfortable with. I'm still trying to master recipes at home in my RC that are specifically for the RC.
During parties, you should & need to be comfortable b/c your guest will feed (pun intended!) on your energy...and you don't want it to be feeding frenzy of nervousness. I hope this helps. Good luck.