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Pampered Chef: Hello to all!

  1. Hi, everyone! I've been with PC (this time around) for a little over a year and am LOVING it! Way back in the 90's, I was with PC for 4 years, but circumstances intervened and I had to give it up. LOVING all of the online communities, business ways and everything else that makes it SOOO much easier and accessible.

    In my "other" life, I work for a school district, high school, and am an Instructional Assistant in Special Education. With that... I am also a Swim Official/Referee for year-round (age group [5-11 yo] and Masters [18 yo +] swimming), high school, Paralympics, Special Olympics, college, and a summer league. And... I'm a Girl Scout leader for my daughter! (Cookies are coming SOON!!!) I love to craft (all mediums), garden, cook, read, and many other things.

    My previous life, I was a paralegal, but left that world to be more of a help to others.

    I thoroughly enjoy Pampered Chef and am totally in it to NEVER have to pay full price for any item again. It's fun, and I love it!

    Shoot me a note or comment, and we will have fun together!
  2. Admin Greg

    Admin Greg Senior Member Staff Member

    Welcome to CS Lisa!
    Jan 8, 2019
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