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Pampered Chef: Hello I'm New as of June 15, 2017 looking for anything to help me get started. Also anyone local.

Discussion in 'Members Introduction' started by Shannon Russell, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Hello I just joined PC my Director is not only in another state but time zone as well. I hadn't planned on becoming a consultant when I spoke with her. I was going to book an online party with her off my friends party. She talked me into joining. Lol I am a stay at home mom to my 17 month old son. I don't have anyone around to help with him. Therefore I can only do online parties. I have very little idea of how to get started. I just had my own party and only had 1 person to buy anything. Also I got one friend to book a party. My 30 days is on July 24th. I'm not going to meet my qualification. I would greatly appreciate any advice or info to be successful. Thank you in advance. I am located in Franklin, Va.
  2. Becky Bechel

    Becky Bechel Gold Member

    Jul 4, 2017
  3. Becky Bechel

    Becky Bechel Gold Member

    Hi Shannon, The first thing that I would do is invite all my friends and family to a Mystery Host party at your house, to let everyone know that you are now selling Pampered Chef. Make a recipe from the products of Pampered Chef. When the party is over choose a hostess from the guests that ordered and give them the hostess benefits. You also can call everyone back and tell them as a thank you for coming they can pick an additional item for what ever the percentage off that the hostess is getting and put it on that order what they want. They will get pretty excited to get some extra off at the discount.
    Jul 4, 2017
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  4. Thank you I will have to try this.
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