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Heehee!! Plus Bonus Bragalicious!


Pampered Laura

Sorry, I have to share this cuz I'm so excited and I love the way PC spoils the goobers out of us!

When I started originally, in '99, we didn't have these Plus Bonus thingies. So I was SO excited when I re-signed in January and saw all these newfangled packages and bonuses and goodies - oh my!!

My "First SS month" was in Feb... and I've just ordered my 3rd and 4th Plus Bonus package. Weeeee!! :D

Total Plus Bonus Bank: $5,575.14

Previously Selected Plus Bonus:
• Accesories
• Entertaining with Simple Additions
• New Products Plus
• Spectacular Stoneware

Unused Plus Bonus Bank: $575.14

I have 3 more shows to submit for this month (closing today), and a whole month for my SS3 to earn more. I wanna see if I can get all 4 Bonus Packages twice. Or more. :eek:
Muahaha! :D :D :D


Sep 30, 2005
Congratulations on such a success! I started in October and earned 6 plus bonuses in my superstarter months. Its Great!

Love seeing that Brown truck pull up!


Holy Cow, you guys! You are going gangbusters!

I am seriously working my tail off to earn my second plus bonus. I am coming to the end of SS#3 and WANT THAT STONEWARE so bad! LOL.

I am pretty sure it'll happen. I am only $700 or so away and I have two good shows today and tomorrow. (Scrambling to get my show in by midnight tomorrow ought to be interesting! LOL.

Anyway, congratulations to you both. I am excited for you!



Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
That is so cool for those of you racking in the free stuff!!! When I started it was a six month super starter program (and a six-show qualification requirement) and I LOVED getting all of those! They had it broken down into two groups of things you could earn each month. I forget exactly how it worked, but I think I got all but one and I was psyched!!!!



Veteran Member
Jan 13, 2006
Laura, that is amazing! I too am in my SS months (I am on #3) and have earned all 3 SS bonuses + 7 of the Plus Bonuses. I made the SS Recognition List in month 1(Jan.) & month 2 (Feb) and will hopefully make it in month 3 (Mar)-- I am closing out my month tonight with a little over $5700. I am so psyched I even signed my first recruit yesterday. Let's go at it!! PC is a blessing I am ready to share with all!:)


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006
All on shows?

Are all of the business you ladies have just on Kitchen Shows or are they fundraisers also? I just finished my first SS and have $350 in the bank and think thats wonderful. Now I look at you guys and say Wow what am I doing wrong! lol

Can you give the rest of us newbies your secrets?