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Healthy recipes?

Nov 16, 2005
Hi! I'm a brand new consultant and I just booked my first party for January. The hostess wants to know if we can do a somewhat lowfat/healthy party. Any ideas?? Thanks!!


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Jun 14, 2005
I would suggest the baked pot stickers with sweet asian dipping sauce. They are really good and pretty low fat (have a little bit of mayo) And they are designed to use the products that you got in your starter kit. If you happen to have the stoneware flutted pan (or if your host has it) The 3-2-1 cake is great. Use 3/4 cup egg beaters, and 2 cups fat free sour cream with one cake mix, then 12-15 minutes in the microwave. Yummy! Other than that, the It's good for you cook book has some great ideas.
Oct 2, 2005
Light recipes

In the Season's Best, there are recipes labeled "Light." The nutrition information is always listed too, so you can look for specific things.