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Pampered Chef: Healthy Recipe Ideas?

  1. Hi everyone -

    I am doing a party for my best friend in a couple of weeks. She is a weight watchers gal and I really want to make something that is good AND good for you. I recently ordered the PC healthy cooking cook book (I am blanking on the exact name of it right now :)) and was wondering if anyone had any favorites from it. I haven't received the book yet, but if all goes well, I should get it tomorrow or Tuesday.

    One thing, she isn't a seafood fan, which is too bad because a) I love it and b) it's actually quite good for you in moderation. I'd also really like to try to use the DCB in the presentation, but it's not mandatory.

    Also, I got my fourth show and $1250 in sales in yesterday...all in my first 30 days! Yay me! What am going to spend those PC dollars on?!?

    Feb 28, 2010
  2. patty42240

    patty42240 Member

    Congrats on your success! I made my goal in 30 days as well...almost a year ago. I was thrilled when I earned all those pampered chef dollars. The best thing I ever spent pc dollars on is the rolling case for $90. It was so worth it and I absolutely love it! It is the biggest help transporting supplies to and from shows. I also use it for things not related to pc. I am a tutor and a sub teacher and when my classes have parties at school, I load it up with my party supplies and goodies. I get smiles from the other teachers when they see me rolling it down the hallway and several have told me they wished they had one just like it!
    Feb 28, 2010
  3. There was another thread on here that suggested the Grilled Chicken Penne Al Fresco from last year's Spring/Summer Season's Best or the Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas from the Weekday Dinners Done recipe cards. They aren't from your new cookbook, but both are healthy options that taste great and are done in the DCB.
    Mar 1, 2010
  4. Thanks, I LOVE the fajitas, but haven't tried the penne al fresco yet (although I have been meaning too.
    Mar 1, 2010
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