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Health Insurance


Silver Member
Jan 16, 2005
Hey did anyone see under consultants corner under business mgmt... their is health insurance.... Has anyone used this or know anything about how good it is... This is exactly what i was looking for to go full time with PC....

Pampered Laura

Im having them run quotes for me... my hubby's healthplan at work is insane expensive (only 10 employees), so this is perfect!
I swear, PC just gets better and better!:D


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Gold Member
Jan 23, 2006
Like many of you my husband's great insurance has been chipped away at for the last five years. We called, checked out the rates and if things keep going like they have been we might be picking it up. They have insurers competing for your business! The dental and vision is great because a lot of companies have taken that away. I already have had one consultant pick that up!
This recruiting tool is really going to get us a lot of new consultants that will take the business seriously. I hope it is deducted through the paycheck so they will need to consistently do shows to pay for the insurance. Does anyone know how they pay for it?


Jul 23, 2005
okay, maybe I'm an idiot

but I looked online at the PRO insurance thing and I just did NOT understand! They gave me like 12 different quotes with all kinds of different deductibles and co payments and all kinds of stuff.

I think its great that PC has health insurance and all, but why does it need to be SO complicated? (Not PC's part in it, but insurance and investing in general?)