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Hawiian ideas


Jul 12, 2005
Here you go!

I also have the host tell the guests to wear their craziest Hawaiian Shirt, and give a prize to the person with the ugliest or craziest shirt. I also play a "Get Lei'd" game (watch your crowd with this title). Every time I say the work 'cook', they pass the lei and whoever has it at the end of the demo wins a prize.

Have fun!


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Jul 22, 2005
At a recent Luau show I made sure I had lots of plastic leis and used those for the guests to "earn points" with. If they brought a friend, they got a lei; if they wore a Hawiian shirt, they got a lei; if they booked a show, they got 5 leis, through out the demo if they helped me with a product, they eraned 1 lei; if they "have it, want it, love it" as I showed a product, they earned a lei; if they got some trivia questions (trivia on Hawaii and PC) right, they earned a lei...etc. At the end of the show, the guest with the most leis won 10% off their order.

It was a really fun way to keep everyone very active through the show. It became quite a competition between about 3 of the guests and really made the show a lot of fun.


May 16, 2005
great ideas! do you happen to have a copy of the trivia questions? I was also looking for a hawaiian beverage to make in my family sized quik stir. I made the beer margarita's the other night a a mexican fiesta and they were a hit!



Oct 3, 2005
Hawaiian Drinks

I actually live here in Hawaii and I attached a page of some of the favorites on the islands. I'm not big on Rum but I know that Hawaii is known to have some great Mai Tai's. I personally like the Blue Hawaiians.


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