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Sales Having trouble getting in tough with customer


Advanced Member
Mar 28, 2008
So I had a customer at a show this weekend that did not have her credit card with her. She asked me to call her that night for the number. I did. It went to voice mail. I called again yesterday and voice mail again. If I do not hear from her today I am going to call the host. This woman is her aunt. This lady also booked a show for Sept. I hope this is not a sign of how that show will go. If I do not get in touch with her.. the show total goes down a notch. Which will really mess the host up. Oi! I just needed a vent.


Mar 23, 2009
This happened to me, too, but it was with a declined credit card. When she finally E-MAILED me back, she also cancelled her July show. Ugh. I pray yours goes better!


Advanced Member
Oct 27, 2008
I would suggest calling the host, tell her you are concerned about the aunt. That you were supposed to get ahold of her regarding the card and you have not been able to reach her. You want to make sure everything is alright and also get the show submitted quickly so that all her friends can get their products quickly. Does she have any idea how to better contact the aunt? Maybe she could call her...

you never know what has been going on with the aunt. give her the benefit of the doubt. :) I know, I'm a sucker! LOL!


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Oct 6, 2005
Are you waiting on her to close the show? You just had the show this weekend. I would give her a chance to call you back. If she is like most people, she was probably busy with church and family commitments yesterday. PATIENCE!


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Gold Member
Jun 19, 2008
It's only Monday, I'd try her again this evening. Her weekend could've been busy. Maybe she thought she'd be home, but went out to dinner or something. If you don't reach her by tonight, then tomorrow I'd call the host. At least, that's what I'd do. If your host wants to close the show today, then you can just let her in on the status of the payment and she can decide what she wants to do.