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Have to share this!

Molly Jo

Gold Member
Aug 23, 2005
I had a show last Friday and there were only two other people there besides the host! We still had a great time though. Her show was only about $40. She took a few catalogs to work (Wal-Mart) and I stopped by last night to close her show, she wasn't ready because she is still collecting orders!! Her total was $410 so far and she has a a lady who wants to buy 3 of the mini loaf pans ($30 each X 3= $90!!) She will be over $500 by the time we are done!! She is thinking of having a catalog show every 3 months! That part was her idea! I am soooo excited!!

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
That is why I don't close my shows the night of their show. I once had a lady who not one person came to her show and she ended up with a $400 show! Most of my hosts get $100- $200 in outside orders and some more than that. Thats awesome she wants to do a catalogue show every couple months. I hope she doesn't get burned out with doing that. I used to work with a lady who did catalogue shows all the time for different companies. It got to where if you saw her coming you turned the other way because you knew she wanted you to buy more stuff. If she can pull it off though more power to her!


Legend Member
Gold Member
Jan 21, 2005
janel kelly said:
That is why I don't close my shows the night of their show.
Me too! I also have found that no matter how much host coaching you do, some hosts just don't get the host program until their party happens and you are showing them where they are at the end of the night - and where they can be with a few more orders. By giving them a couple extra days to get additional orders they can now use that knowledge to increase their benefits.


Veteran Member
Gold Member
Jul 7, 2005
Sounds like...

...could be a future consultant! Just float the idea by her - ask if she knows of anyone who could use a couple hundred dollars more each month?


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
My mom, sister, and aunt all rotate throughout the year, having parties off one another. Mom books off sister, sister books off aunt, aunt books off mom.. It's just the way it goes. They have the parties 4-6 months apart. They all get the booking benefit sometime in the year.. They've done it like this for years and will continue to do so.. Now, if only they used me as their consultant! lol. but its okay.. their consultant is an absolute sweetheart and a perfect match for them.