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Has this ever happened to you?

Jan 31, 2006

Well, this is what happened.

I am apart of my Women's group at my church. We planned a night of Shopping and Bunco. There were lots of vendors. We, the group, were discussing our upcoming retreat and I mentioned that I would have supply a door prize with my Pampered Chef.

The lady who took care of the vendors was at the table. A few weeks later and and 1 week before the night, I went up to her to confirm and add another vendor, who was my mom with another company. She looked at me and said that she didn't know I was a consultant. She asked several people and they didn't know of anyone so she booked outside the church.

I was very nice to her, but was livid.

The night has come and gone. It was really hard for me because I saw people I know walking up and placing orders with this other consultant.

I tell you it was a real test of my Christianity. LOL It took all I had not to walk up to people and say I'm a consultant, order from me.

I was really planning on this show. I ended up with $100 orders outside the show. Real bummer.

LaVonna Strope


Legend Member
Silver Member
Nov 4, 2005
Welcome to the world, LaVonna. Your friends can be your worst enemies sometimes without intending to be. When I was in the car business, my next door neighbor bought a car at my dealership from a different salesman.

It happens. Swallow it and move one.

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Wow, that would be very frustrating. Knowing myself I would have argued with the lady about keeping my spot on the list of vendors since you had been planning it for weeks. While there is nothing you can do now perhaps you can address your situation for the next time they have an event like that. Some learning experiences aren't so fun to go through.

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
In the future, I would ask for a written confirmation of my vendor space. Make sure the confirmation is dated and signed by the person in charge and you. This would clear up any confusion.