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Has anyone used only 6 wells in the 12 ct stoneware muffin pan?


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Jul 30, 2007
I have a guest who cannot attend my party on Saturday that has ordered the Single Servings Pan, but then realized it might not suit her needs. She really wants a 6 ct stoneware muffin pan (like we used to carry). The SSP holds 1 cup of food while a traditional muffin pan only holds 1/3 cup. She has asked if it is OK to just use 6 wells in the 12 ct muffin pan. I told her I thought it would be fine as long as she spaced them out on the pan. Then she asked if she should fill the other wells with water. Has anyone tried this? I have both the 6 ct and 12 ct ones in my kitchen, as well as two silicone muffin pans and the brownie pan, so I've never needed to use only 1/2 of the 12 ct muffin pan. Please let me know if what you've done if you've used it this way!