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Has anyone tryed to make a cake in the mini oval baker that comes in the starter kit?

Apr 13, 2005
I keep reading about the 10-12 minute cake made in the fluted pan and want to try it, but don't have the pan yet! I have been thinking about trying it out on my mini oval pan as I have not used it yet. Has anyone tryed this? Does anyone have any good recipe suggestions for this pan as well? Thanks Jenny

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Not the cake

I wouldn't try the cake in the Sm oval baker because it doesn't have the capacity for a whole cake mix. You could break it up though and use the Prep bowls for the rest of the mix (if you have them).

I make the 3 cheese Walnut spread in the Sm oval baker and the Banana Fosters Dip. Both of these are DELICIOUS!!! These were my Super Starter recipes. I did not own one piece of Pampered Chef stuff before I became a consultant, so I relied heavily on my kit (it was all I had).

If you cannot find a printable recipe for these on the Pampered Chef website try www.joycesfinecooking.com there is a section dedicated to just PC recipes.

Good Luck!!


Jun 16, 2005
Thanks for the website

I love those recipes. Thanks for the website. I think I will make the bananas Foster and Have the host buy ice cream.