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Has Anyone ever Forgotten the Food?


Apr 22, 2005
I did the Green Chili Frittata last night and I forgot to put the tortilla chips/salsa/lime mixture into the eggs!!!!!! I mixed it up, but put it aside and forgot all about it. I was so flustered for some reason that I forgot so many things!! Anyway, and Luckily, everyone really loved the frittata anyway. whew!


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Jun 29, 2005
As a matter of fact, this Sunday was the first time I have forgotten something. I was making the Hot Artichoke Crabmeat Dip (which is awesome by the way), and I realized the night before the show I forgot the crab. No big deal, I stopped and got it on the way there. Well, I just kept having this nagging feeling I was forgetting something. As I was unloading my stuff I went through the ingredients again and realized I had forgotten the cream cheese and green onions. So, we called my aunt and had her bring them on her way. Well, I was right in the middle of the recipe when I realized....no lemon!! My host (my cousin) begged me to do 3 recipes and I had forgotten to write down most of the ingredients for that one on my grocery list. Oh well. Luckily it was only family members that showed up so we all laughed about it.

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
I've messed up twice with several of the same people in the audience! The first time was with what my family calls the Igloo Cake from last season's best. I forgot to put the top layer back on. I wondered why it looked sorta flat!

2nd time, I forgot to put the Cool Whip in the cream cheese for the Chocolate Tiramisu cake, THEN forgot to put the 2nd half of the coffee mixture on the top layer!

And I'd made each of these cakes a number of times before!!

We all had a good laugh.


It happens to me all the time

It happens to me all the time. Even when everything is out and in a row I forget at least one ingredient and I have been doing this for over a year :confused:


I've forgotten an ingredient here and there, but at a show I had in April, I was doing the Garden Ranch Pizza (a recipe I have done tons of times, both for shows and at home), and I forgot half of it! I forgot to add the garlic (and the garlic press was the guest special and the reason I chose the pizza in the first place), I didn't add the parmsan cheese, I forgot the seasoning, and I think I left something else out, too. Luckily, the group was fantastic and they all kidded me about it, but they loved the pizza anyway. That's when I use the line "I'm pampered, not perfect!" How true it is! LOL :D


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May 20, 2005
I gotta start using that one, I'm pampered not perfect. I got to a show and realized I had forgotten the Italian seasoning, I was using it the night before and left it sitting on the counter, then realized I forgot the parmesean, sent my father to my house (the only one I could get ahold of) and he brought me the seasoning and the block of mozzarella, they were both in ziploc baggies even though I told him exactly where it was in the fridge, men, they never listen, lol. I think there was something else I forgot also, just can't remember what it was right now, not food, but a product, I think it was the cutting board. Anyway, I think that just about everyone does it at least once, especially in the beginning, that's why I try to put all my PC stuff back in tubs after they're washed so I know where it all is and I will try not to forget anything any more.
Sep 20, 2005
I would love to be able to put all of my Pampered Chef stuff back into their tubs after use to have it all in one place, but the problem is...I have too much of it!!! I finally got my husband to slowly start throwing other products away to make room for pampered chef!!! He just hates to throw away "perfectly good cooking stuff" but now I've convinced him that mine is better!


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Jun 27, 2005
It never fails that I mess up the Banana Toffee Pizza. I am constantly forgetting to add the cool whip. I haven't had to say anything yet because at 90% of my shows people aren't listening anyway. I just smooth the cool whip on top of the other and no one has complained about the taste.


Me too!

I just keep on going and no one realizes that you missed something. If it is a key ingredient I just tell them I forgot and sometimes it gets their attention. I haven't had anyone complain, they all love the dishes anyway :)


Me too!

It happens to all of us. I had a show last night and it seemed like I forgot almost everything! Both products & food (including my apron!!). When you forget something for a recipe, another good line is "Pampered Chef builds a little bit of "oops" into their recipes!". I've got another show tonight and hope I don't forget anything.
Sep 11, 2005
I just started pampered chef in Sept. and I have been making the 3 cheese garden pizza and I am always forgetting to put the italian seasoning on top. Some times I remember while the pizza is in the oven and I will go and add it on. Tonight I have a show and I am makiing the turkey cranberry wreath for the first time at a show. I am a little concerend about wrapping the crescent rolls over so it looks nice. But it tastes great so that will make up for it.