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Has anyone bought anything from


Novice Member
Jan 29, 2005
this ebay user for their business? I bought two ebooks from her back in Oct about building my business. They included one with 100 party games.

"susan macefield" <[email protected]>

NOW I have to contact the FBI because I am receiving threatening emails from her for leaving negative feedback.

Not only that, she has threatened to call Pampered Chef since my information was at the bottom of one of the emails I sent her. She has gone so far as to alter emails to make them look like they have come from me.

I have already contacted Pampered Chef, ebay and yahoo, but I am VERY SCARED. Not so much because of Pampered Chef, but because she has my home phone number now. You can find out addresses and a whole lot of information with it!

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?


Aug 24, 2005
Have you already contacted the FBI? What was their advice? Is she in the US? I don't know if that makes a difference as far as getting a no-contact order. Good luck in getting everything sorted out!!