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Halloween Cookies Cutter Set


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Mar 29, 2005
:) Hey everyone! I started selling PC in April 2005 and my director cleaned out her closet and sold extras to all of us that attended the meeting last night. Well, one thing I bought was the Halloween Cookie Cutter Set that PC put out last year and I'm looking for ideas. I just place an order for some stones and am getting the mini fluted cake stone and I saw the Halloween flyer for last year and am wondering if they gave out any other suggestions or recipes? I do have the Product Use and Care Card and am going to make the cookies that are on the card right now. My kids are so excited! I would love to hear more,what people did for Halloween last year and any ideas that you would be willing to share.
Thanks in advance!


Not sure what you have already seen, but a cute idea for the mini fluted pan is: Bake cake in the pans like you would normally. Then frost the top with orange frosting, may put leaves on if you would like or decorate how you want and use a tootsie roll as the stem. Just an idea I came across in the past...may have had it on display last year at conference?