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Had fun... still no bookings

Aug 5, 2005
:eek: I'm in my SS#2 and I have been doing great!! Although I'm a little discouraged. I had a show last week at my sister's house and it was pretty Blah... but I recieved 2 booking (there were only 3 people at the show). Then on Tuesday I had a show and I had so much fun!! There were seven people there and I recieved no bookings..... What gives????

I Love pampered chef and I have set high goals (12-16 shows per month). Right now I'm at 6 and I want it to snowball, am I setting my goals too high????


Jul 19, 2005
I'm really new so I don't know that I am the one who should be givivg you advice but I'm going to give you my 2 cents anyway. Go back to your original list of 100 and see if you can come up with anyone. Just brainstorm. I am actually very proud of myself for approaching people. I am not very good at this but I have really come out of my shell the last week. I have also been telling people what my goal is with PP and they have been really supportive and wanting to help me. BTW my goal is to be able to stay home with my kiddos by June. HTH.


janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
There is nothing wrong with setting high goals. If thats what you want thats what you should go after. It may take a little time to build up to that many bookings though and some months are better than others. Just be patient- it will come. Remember to ask everybody at your shows even those who checked on their survey forms that they weren't interested in having a show. Maybe those customer care calls and out of the box calls. If you have a catalogue show call everyone who orders and ask them if they are interested in having a show.


Jul 13, 2005
Website, website and website

I receommend getting the Pampered Chef website. I am in SS1. I have had 2 kitchen shows (mine and daughter) and 1 catalog turn in and 2 other catalog shows being turned in this weekend.

The 2 catalog shows being finished up this weekend both used my PC website and showed catalogs around. One show received 5 orders online (total of $112.) and the other received one $89 order. I figured out that I have earned $42 in commission on online orders only, which is what it cost for the website for 6 months.

One of my September shows is strictly going to be an online show. The hostess sells another type of home business and doesn't want to carry the Pampered Chef catalog with her stuff. She invite 35 guests online yesterday and already received 1 order.

Another plus of the website, is the names and email address of the guest your hostesses invite. I ask my host to get premission from their non-ordering guest to my email list. I have had only 1 guest ask not be added to list.

Drop off catalogs to everyone you or your family does business with. I went drive my daughter to a meat shop to pick up an meat order today. I asked her to bring a catlog in to cashier. The cashier was thrilled and said they have internet a shop and they would order; we will see.

This morning was a good online day-4 orders. I consider online orders to be my special no work orders. I get orders without leaving my air conditioner house and using no gas!!!

I have earned my SS1 bonus package and first tote and braclet and cake mix and dessert plates this month.

Thanks for all the great advice from this website. I made by birthday book today and will use it at my next show.



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Mar 29, 2005
Congratulations Charlene!!! That's wonderful! :D I would LOVE to have 4 online orders in one day! AWESOME!! You are going to be so excited to see the UPS man show up with all the free stuff you've earned!!
Again, Congratulations!


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
I don't think you are setting your goals to high, but you need to talk to enough people to have your bookings that high. If you want more shows and you are not getting them all at your shows, you need to get on the phone. There is a direct correlation from the size of your paycheck and your time on the phone. The phone is your friend.

If you need ideas on who to call, start with anyone who has purchased stoneware or had it on their wish list. Then go back to your list of 100. Now is the time to go talk to schools about fundraisers. You can also talk with sports groups about fundraisers (soccer, football, etc.). You also have fair season. You can get bookings by setting up a table at a fair. You will want to sign up now for the holiday fairs.

You can do a search on here for bookings ideas. There are tons.

Finally, talk with your director about your goals and have her help you.
Jul 9, 2005
I am sorry that you did not get any bookings at your last show. :(

Since you are new and you really want some more booking I would suggest cold calling. Just pick up the phone book and start calling people. Write a script so you are not stumbling over words. The worst that someone can say is no. I have gotten a lot of customers this way and booked one show. I am not even through the "A" part of the phone book :rolleyes: . I started doing this in my 1st month but now I am kinda busy.If bookings slow down again, then I will continue on through the list.
This is only my 4th month so keep positive!!! The bookings will come!!!! :) Have a great day!!!