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Guest thank you letter

Jan 11, 2006
I made this to send to guests at your shows. It will build your customer care and might bring in some potential hosts and consultants :D . The words in <<>> are fields which are part of a mail merge. If you are not familiar with mail merges, you can replace the fields with the specific show information on each letter you mail out.

Hope it helps!


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Oct 3, 2005
That is a great letter. I was just wondering how long you have been using it and if you've got any responses from it yet?

Thanks for posting it!
Apr 30, 2005
Guest Thank You

I send a postcard out to everyone who places an order either from a Cooking or Catalog Show or Individual Orders.

I used to attach a similar letter to the receipt but usually nobody read it. I have found that by sending the Thank You postcard about the same time I submit the Show, they hold on to the information.

It simply says: (on front) 'Thank You for Your Pampered Chef(R) Order!' (on back) 'Thank you for your recent purchase. I'm sure you are excited to use your new tools!
Inspect and use your products as soon as possible. Please contact me immediately if there are any damaged or missing items. The Pampered Chef(R) will pay for returns only during the first 30 days from your order's ship date.
All nonconsumable products have a minimum one year guarantee. I encourage you to keep your receipt in a safe place, like under the silverware drawer.
Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, if you would like to purchase more products or host a Show of your own.
Thank you again, your business and loyalty are appreciated."

My name
Independent Consultant
phone numbers
email address
website addess

I had these printed on a glossy postcard so they professional and of course follow up with a phone call. The phone call is the key. If you send things out without the followup you are wasting your postage.