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Greeting cards- wow...what a ripoff


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Sep 8, 2008
My DH just opened up a pile of greeting cards - a few Father's Day cards from his sister and her boys , and his Birthday cards - also from the same sister and nephews. She sent him like, 5 or 6 cards - all separately. (She's 39 weeks pregnant, so we figure she's having hormone surges in her last week :D) She must have spent over $15 - just on cards!

So with those cards, what his mom got him and me (my birthday was before Father's day), I have over $25 of cards sitting in my trash can. How sad is that?!

Sorry. I barely will get greeting cards from Walmart- anymore, I go to the Dollar Store, or get them from a collection of cards I buy in a box for cheap. I know- I'm cheap....but they get other things from us. Heck- I'm happy with a free E-Card!

What about you? Do you spend $5 on a single card? or try to be more frugal and give the person a gift or something (that could be a nice Starbucks Gift card or something :))