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Great Superstarter Recipes


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Apr 14, 2004
3 cheese garden pizza!! Lots of tools (just use a knife for slicing rather
than US&G) and tastes great!!

Lois Spaay

-I like the Garden Ranch Pizza -- shows off the stone beautifully and it's actually something I make for dinner; so many of the others are party food which taste great but not something I would make 2 or 3 times a month for my family. Have you tried Garden Ranch Pizza with shrimp or chicken or imitation crab? Yummmm.....

By the way, my kids hate olives so we leave them off; I pick veggies that they like. Most anything works!


Touch-Down Taco Dip.

Several reasons...

Tastes great!
Can suggest host tell guests she'll make margaritas (for high attendance)
Uses alot of higher priced items. A lot of it can be made ahead.

Mary Jo Oyer

Cool Veggie Pizza. It is a big hit with everyone--especially weight watchers!

Paula Ohlhous