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Sales Great month!


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Sep 20, 2005
Wow! I'm pinching myself!

I'll be closing 2 more shows today - so 4 shows closed before I leave for conference. All 4 of those shows have been over $600 in sales - so with 2 online orders, I will be submitting over $3000 in sales already for the month...I am speechless (but very happy!) One of those 4 hosts signed after her show, and one of the bookings from one of the other shows will be signing at her show.
This is BY FAR the best July I've ever had! And I'm heading into the best August Schedule I've ever had too. SO thankful to PC for the Awsome Summer Host Specials!

Man, I love my job!
Aug 14, 2008
Way to go!!!!!!!! That is an awesome month. With all of those bookings you're August will probably be just as good!


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Feb 24, 2008
Wow that's great!!! Good job what's your secret!!!! I need to boost up my August. I'm sticking with my catty show and one cooking show for July just dont have time for more. But I want to really boost my August. I only have one cattie booked so far. But I've still got time to boost it up. My June shows generated 5 bookings, but most are fall. 2 are sept, 1 is November. 1 is currently Sept but may move to August and may be a fundraiser or get me a fundraiser also. 1 I don't have a date for, because it was someone not at show and I haven't gotten in contact with her yet. So I'll have to try her soon to get an August Show booked.