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Great March Newsletter

Jan 14, 2006
I have a great newsletter. It has all of the new products listed and pics of each in the newsletter along with lots of other great sections. I do this every month and have the next months newsletter finished 15 days in advance. I have had so many requests from other consultants I started to charge a very small fee(less than a dollar a month) for the service of an e-newsletter and a word newsletter written for you.

If you want to look at it or just try it out ...just let me know. I love writing newsletters and love to help my fellow consultants.

[email protected]


Novice Member
Oct 30, 2005
***Best Newsletter Around***

EVERYONE needs to check out Stephanie's newsletters. I truly think that she has the best newsletters! She even creates a few different versions. Be sure to say that Tina Krajewski sent you.

I love it so much, I promised I would spread the word. She also has a website that you can check it out at.


The cost is 19.95 for an entire year, but I think totally worth it for how organized and professional looking it is. You also get a copy the 15th of the previous month.

Be sure to check it out soon.


Novice Member
Feb 8, 2006
This is a great idea. I just went and did this right now. I will pay for a news letter, saves me time. Thank you.