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Gotta Question


Nov 6, 2007
Can someone do a catalog show or place a personal order if they are in canada and im in the states? I met a lady from canada, and i didnt know if i could take an order or if i should connect her with some one in canada. i do not have pws anymore..


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Nov 6, 2007
Not unless she knows some kind, benevolent person who would have the order shipped to her house and tote it over the border.

Americans are supposed to buy from Americans, Canadians are supposed to buy from Canadians. The prices and catalogs are somewhat different, not to mention the difference between Canadian and U.S. dollars.

Direct shipping across the border is CRAZY expensive.

I only sold to one Canadian ... she was at her mom's house in Minnesota for Turkey Day. Thank goodness for PC's lightening-fast shipping because it got there before she went home to Ontario! Oh, and mom was so impressed that she booked a catalog host!