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Got a idea but need help !


Jul 6, 2005
I am doing a fundraiser and , found another idea to go along with it , i think it was from this board ! We are going to do a 50/50 type of a thing to go along with it. Ok i need an idea for tickets, iam so not creative , our show slips are kinda to much to fill out if say someone wants to buy 5 , but i do want to get peoples email, ask if they are interested in a show ect. Iam going to be selling tickets $1.00 a ticket , to be entered in a drawing , say we sell $200.00 tickets, $100.00 will be donated to the charity and i will then draw 2 tickets and they will each win a $50.00 PC gift certificate through me.
I think we will sell quite a bit as they are only $1.00 each ( i hope) this is a way to increase my sales as well , i am thinking if this goes well i may do this each month, give tickets to my hosts donate 1/2 to my charity and them depending on the amount of sales draw names for gift certificates!

But any how if any one has some type of servey slips , tickets !! That would be great !! My fundraiser starts tomorrow !! It is my first one and it seems to be really big ! I will let ya all know how it goes!! They want to do it for 3 weeks !! :)


Gold Member
Jan 6, 2005
Hi Danielle,
You can buy printable raffle tickets (blank, but already numbered) at Office Depot. The brand is office depot, and you can find them in the section of printable business cards/postcards/tentcards, etc...
You can download the template from office depot and just put what you want written on there, and print...
Just an idea...
Have a great day!