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Going out of business sale!!!

Feb 28, 2011
Below is a list of everything I have that I am parting with...I added up the costs and it was around 115.00 for everything when I spent the money on it and I will sell the whole package for $60.00 plus shipping. I really am not interested in splitting this up as its just more work for me and as nice as all the PC people I've met have been I'm just ready to be done with it and have this stuff out of my office.

4 host packets which each include: Catalog, pack of invitations, order form, cooking show planning guide, and a

discover us brochure.

19 blue guest folders with pockets and 2 clear page protectors already in place in tabs and 2011 spring/summer

catalogs attached (removable for new catalogs) with pretty pink and purple ribbon\

1 unopened pack of fall/winter 2010 catalogs (If you have old Fall/Winter catalogs, don't throw them out! Add this sticker to them and leave them in offices all around town!
"Though the date on this catalog may be old,
Just look inside and you'll be sold.
Many fine products you will see.
Call me to learn how to get some free!
If extra income is what you need,
I can help you to succeed.")

1 unopened pack of spring/summer 2011 catalogs

4 loose spring/summer 2011 catalogs

4 unopened cooking show invitation packs

7 loose invitations

1 unopened pack of mini catalogs

23 loose mini catalogs

9 loose paper order forms 2ply27 loose mexican chicken napoleans recipe cards

1 unopened pack of blue cheese and bacon potato crisps recipe cards

1 seasons best recipe collections book for fall/winter 2010

1 seasons best recipe collections book for spring/summer 2010

20 discover us brochures

26 join us brochures
Feb 28, 2011

111 views no replies yet?

What do I need to do to get someone to buy this stuff?

should I break it up?

Please I really want to try and recoup some of my money...I'm not trying to rob but I'm not trying to give away either.