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Giving out Recipes at Shows


Novice Member
May 24, 2005
I am joining in a couple of days and was wondering. I have a lot of recipes I would like to make at shows -- not Pampered Chef recipes -- is there any problem with copying these and giving them out at shows (to all participants that want them, not as a prize). I am thinking about copyright violations, but I am not selling them. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
Feb 18, 2005
A couple of years ago, the MOMS Club I belong to created a cookbook. We had lots of questions about what recipes we could include and this is what we learned:

1. You cannot copyright a specific recipe. The only thing that can be copyrighted is an entire cookbook, not the individual recipes themselves.

2. That means copying recipes from cookbook, magazine, website, etc. is perfectly legal. You just can't copy the entire book, magazine, etc.

Therefore, if you want to type up some non-PC recipes and hand them out at shows, there is no legal issue. You wouldn't want to hand out any PC recipes currently available in any of our cookbooks, because then you decrease the chance of customers buying the cookbooks themselves.

Teresa George