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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Girl Scout FUNd-Raiser

  1. VeronicaW

    VeronicaW Advanced Member Gold Member

    Ok, I was asked to post what I did for my current Successful Girl Scout Fundraiser.

    My sister and mother are GS leaders and wanted to have a FR.
    We set it up like a Cooking Show.
    They, the leaders, sent out E-Mail Invites from my Website, plus put a few flyers around since they cannot advertise it in the newspaper.

    Since they both do DayCare, I bought the groceries (the leaders split the bill) and got all set-up.
    About 18 guests came to the show, some put their orders together, and so far we've collected 13 outside orders.

    I usually tell a small amount about FR's, but since it was a FR I went into a little more detail like - The GS will receive 15% from TPC, provided their Guest Sales are over $600. And for every booking, they will receive an additional $3 from TPC.

    I normally don't do 2 recipes at a show, but we did the Pineapple Salsa w/chips and Chocolate Banana Trifle.

    I've received 1 booking so far as well.

    We are supposed to close today and we're still receiving orders! Yeah!
    Currently the Guest Sales are at $1118.27!!!!!

    I hope this helps!
    Good Luck!
    Jun 19, 2009
  2. Wow! That's great, congratulations. A GS leader here approached me about doing a FR, but another troop leader told her it was against policy. I did a FR last week for Relay for Life, but it didn't add up to much in sales.

    Again, congratulations, if that isn't the grand total, maybe you'll be up close to 2K. That would be awesome, even better if it's a triple points day!
  3. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    While it is true you cannot have the Girls go out and collect orders for this type of FR there are ways arround it. Search the threads. We went over it in detail last year arround this time.
    Jun 19, 2009
  4. Thanks Paulette. I will check this out. There are humpteen different troops here, so that would be great. Also, I have been asked to do a kids cooking demo with a boys' youth group at a church called the Rangers(?). This info will help me on both.

    Thanks again!
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