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Gifts for Teachers


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Apr 14, 2004
40 Gifts for Teachers
Looking for a gift for the teacher ? Teachers give so much of themselves to help your child learn, it means so much to them to be appreciated by parents. If you are looking for something useful this year, let me give you 40 ideas:
1. Suds pump, "You've really Pumped me up for learning!" Especially great for those who teach little ones. 2. Ultimate Slice and Grate, "Anyway you Slice it, You are the GRATEST!" 3. Apple Wedger - "You've wedged your way into our hearts!" 4. Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer, or Veggie peeler -"You are 'APEELING' to my mind!" 5. Nonstick Cooling Rack - "You are one Cool Teacher!" 6. Stoneware Sensations cookbooks, "You are a 'Sensational' Teacher!" 7. The Ice Cream Scoop with a big red bow and tagged "Thanks for teaching me the " scoop! "
8. The Adjustable Measuring Spoons tied together with curling red ribbon and tagged "You really measure up"
9. The Paring Knife with Sharpening Case "Any way you slice it you're great" (also makes a great knife for the classroom, lunch box and picnic
10. The Hold 'N Slice is used in so many classrooms to help children to learn how to slice foods safely. 11. The Bar Board makes a great cutting board for the classroom and is so easy to store in a desk drawer. 12. The Kitchen Shears are awesome for crafts, packages, cooking, the garden, and so much more! 13. With the Smooth-Edge can opener, there is no risk of children being cut by a sharp can edge.
14. The Serving Tongs are wonderful for children to serve themselves without making a mess of the table. It helps them acquire independence to serve themselves.
15. The Quick-Stir Pitcher is a must for any time juice, jello, pudding, Kool-Aid, or Lemonade are made. 16. The Garlic Press and Baker's Roller are the best playdough tools....and they are dishwasher safe! 17. You know every teacher would use a Celebration plate year round! 18. The Mini Serving Spatula is the perfect size for small hands! 19. Nylon Pan Scrapers are a preschool teacher's friend. What better tool to clean off tables smeared with play dough, clay, dried paint, dried glue and oh so much more! 20. The Cookie Press can be used by all children year-round with 16 different shapes for all occasions. 21. The Flour Sugar shaker can make any child into the best "duster" for powdered sugar, flour and cinnamon sugar. 22. The Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan is a teachers dream. Make 24 cupcakes for the entire class and only once in the oven. Not to mention no waste of half eaten cup cakes and oh so much less frosting. (enough said) 23. The All-Purpose spreader is the only way to go to frost cupcakes. And a great size for little hands. 24. The Bread Tubes make the coolest bread! Child size sandwiches, fun
shaped- sliced cheese, ice cream, sliced meat, rice krispie treats, jello molds and so much more.
25. The 3 sizes of Stainless Steel Scoops allow children of all sizes ( adults included) to make the perfect size cookies. 26. The Corn Butterer is the best thing since sliced bread when children want to put their own butter on their corn on the cob.
27. The Nylon Masher is terrific for chidden to mash potatoes and bananas for bread. 28. The Child's Denim Apron is great for every classroom for the "Star of the week" washes easily too.
29. The Handy Scraper is the Handiest clean up tool around.....so many uses outside of the kitchen. 30. Bamboo Spooners are perfect for little hands to help stir and they don't stain either, and dishwasher safe. 31. The Tool Turn About is great on a desk for pens, chalk, scissors, etc. 32. The Clock Timer is the best for time outs, timed quizzes, races, teachers always need to watch the clock. And it attaches to the chalk board, clips on pockets, and sits on the desk so it makes a perfect gift! 33. The Micro Cookers are wonderful for anything that needs to be microwaved. 34. What kid wouldn't want to use the Super Swat to get that fly for the teacher . . . especially if the bugger lands in the window sill & he can use the attached tweezers to get at it . . .& of course the "dust pan" is she doesn't want to touch it. 35. The Adjustable Scoop and Measuring Spoons help make concept of measurement easier with just a slide of the finger. 36. The Kitchen Scale can be used in any classroom for all kinds of science and math lessons. 37. The Ice Shaver is such a wonderful treat that can be so healthy when filled with 100% juice.
38. The Crinkle Cutter makes cutting everything so much more fun and fancy. 39. A two year old can use the Deluxe Cheese Grater to grate everything from cheese to carrots to chocolate. 40. And of course the Kid's in The Kitchen Cookbook. What better way to learn the alphabet shapes then to make them out of bread dough, and so much more!