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Gift Certificates


Mar 10, 2005
Does anyone have any advice on how to use PC Gift Certificates?
I just finished my first Super Starter month and did great. I would like to keep my momentum going by offering some new things to my customers. I haven't offered the gift certificates yet because I am not very clear on how they are used. Any suggestions or tips would be great.


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Gift certificates are entered in your order. The guest gets a certificate which they use when they are ready to order. The gift certificate does not count toward the guest sales of the show where they use it. It does count toward show totals for the show it was sold.

I offer gift certificates when there is an order that is on stop sell. I take their info and call them once it goes off stop sell (ex. Chillzanne Rect. Server was on stop sell forever. I sold gift certificates that included the shipping and tax amount so it was totally paid for when they were available.)