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Pampered Chef: Gift Certificate - No Name

  1. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    I have a customer who purchased a gift certificate; however, she has no idea what name to put on it since it's for a gift exchange they do with their family. Should I just leave the name blank and put her address on it? PP won't let me not put an address on it. Any one have this before?
  2. Chef Gilles

    Chef Gilles Member Gold Member

    I make my own gift certificates and leave it blank. I do however stamp it on the back so I know it's mine when it is redeemed. I explain to the buyer that it can only be used by me and not another consultant as I have the money for it. Only thing is that it does not count on the host's sales. I started doing this because here in Canada PC does not have gift certificate. Works well for me.
    Dec 13, 2009
  3. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    This was purchased at a show so I can't do that, but thanks.
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