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Getting Started Letter


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Apr 14, 2004
Hello Everyone!

Some of you know me through my kids XXXX and XXXX, my husband XXXX, my Mom XXX, you've worked with me, become my friend or we've gotten acquainted during my first years in the XXXX area.

I'm writing to let you know that I've become a Consultant with Pampered Chef. I have been buying their products for years and they have really saved me a lot of time in the kitchen. Their products are restaurant quality and their Kitchen Shows are a lot of fun.

Would you help me by hosting one of my first shows? I would come and cook a quick recipe for you and your friends and in turn, you'd earn a lot of FREE Pampered Chef products for your kitchen! The shows really are a lot of fun---you learn some new recipe ideas, quick-tips and get to see the products before you buy them.

If you are interested in having a party, they last about 1 hour. You can show off your new home or kitchen, your holiday lights or have a get together after the first of the year. If you don't feel like having a party in your home you can have a book party too. If you are interested you can e-mail me at XXXX or you can call me at XXXX. If this doesn't sound like fun to you, pass this on to someone you think will. Thanks so much for your help!! I really appreciate it!