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Getting really annoyed...


Oct 16, 2005
I have two people tell me there were interested in hosting and one of those interested in becoming a consultant as well...I have tried calling them several times, left message on their machine and with their husbands and not one of them have called me back or dropped me a email. How long do you guys keep trying before giving up?

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Princess-I would try to connect for about a week. Then try again the next month. If still nothing, then 3 months or so later. This is a hard lesson to learn. You have to try to not take it personally! Bless and release, honey.



And the last thing you want to be is one more thing to do on someone's huge list of things to do. I had a situation like that and finally tracked her down long enough to say "it seems like you are really busy right now. Should we think about doing this another time?" She was so grateful... and told me that she DID indeed want to book at another time. We'll see if she really does, but in the mean time, no hard feelings on either side.


Two phone calls then an email if you have it. That's all I do. Then when two or so months go by or the next season comes in I touch bases again. Two calls then an email. After a while it starts to roll off your back.