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Getting organized

Nov 3, 2005
Anyone have suggestions for getting a little more organized? I have tried but the more I try the more mess it seems to be in. Thanks

Tara :confused:


Veteran Member
Jun 29, 2005
I use lots of file folders. Everything gets a file folder from every single host, to recipes I've found on this site, to tax stuff. In my host folders, I keep every single thing from their show. Their guest lists, the drawing slips from their shows, wish list....everything. That way if I ever need to look something or someone up, I have it.


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Silver Member
Mar 27, 2005
Organizing is an ongoing process but a few things that I have found that work for me is...if I need items right at hand, I have desk top sorters around my office. I do better seeing things in this form vs file drawers. Binders work well with me...there are many dividers to organize what you need by your own subject, or by month or alphabetically. I have gotten so I am getting my receipts for taxes better organized. I have bought a clear desk organizer with drawers that close. I have labeled each side of the drawer handle with a month of the year. When I have any receipts, invoices or commission statments, etc. I place it in the drawer labeled for that month. Then when I get time (I have a full time job and have a full show schedule)I have a large binder that has dividers labeled for each month of the year. I 3-hole punch some items and for my smaller grocery or post office receipts, I use a glue stick on the back of the receipt and stick it to a card stock paper that has been 3-hole punhced. All of the receipts for that month get pasted on and then the full card stock sheet gets placed in my binder. I am a "piler" so it didn't take me long to figure out the I was losing valuble write off receipts when not being organized. Still working on other areas but making slow progress!! The previous post using file folders works great when I print ideas I find on websites, loops or sharing info with other consultants. I have a stand up desk file folder organizer near my printer so it can immediately become filed. Still working on this one though!! Ann